Cuvée Romance du Château de Berne

Presentation of the Cuvée Romance from Château de Berne

With its elegant bottle and pretty salmon color, the Romance cuvée from Château de Berne offers floral and fruity aromas, for a rosé that is sufficient in itself.


The Romance vintage from Château de Berne

Among the different vintages produced each year at the Berne estate, the Romance vintage shines with its delicacy, freshness and simplicity. A gentle way to travel in Provence.

Presentation of the Romance vintage

In its pretty round bottle with a glass stopper, this bottle advocates a refined design and ecological packaging, reflecting the elegance of the wine it contains. A meticulous blend of different grape varieties from Provence, the Romance de Berne cuvée is a tasty light and fresh rosé wine, ideal for discovering the wines of the South of France.

Representing the emblem of the sunny lands of the Mediterranean, the Romance rosé wine from the Berne estate also testifies to the know-how of the winegrowers, who carefully select the plots and determine the dates of the night harvest, to blend grape varieties using harvesting techniques. rigorous winemaking. The aromas and colors of the grapes are thus preserved, for a unique wine tasting, a tribute to the lands of Provence which have hosted the Château de Berne for centuries.

Cuvée Romance: an IGP Mediterranean wine

Unlike the other vintages from Bern, which are AOP Côtes de Provence, the Romance vintage is an IGP Méditerranée .

The protected geographical indication (PGI), formerly “vin de pays”, brings together wines from well-defined terroirs, with unique geographical specificities. If the IGP designation is less recognized than the AOC, it is for its lesser-known production areas, but also for its less strict specifications.

Winegrowers are then freer, whether in terms of the use of grape varieties, or in terms of viticulture and winemaking. The quality of the wines is no less excellent, and the expression of the terroir and the grape varieties remains at the heart of the producers' requirements, much more than the location of the vineyard.

The IGPs are divided into 6 regional divisions and 34 departmental divisions in France. The Romance vintage thus has the IGP Méditerranée, a regional appellation which concerns wines produced in Provence, Corsica and the Rhône.


The Romance IGP Méditerranée rosé cuvée

The Romance rosé cuvée from Château de Berne is a wine with a pretty pale salmon color and an intense nose with notes of red fruits and citrus fruits. On the palate, this aromatic rosé wine reveals aromas of peach and apricot, both refreshing and elegant.

If the Romance rosé IGP Méditerranée vintage is ideal as an aperitif , it also goes wonderfully with southern recipes, such as sunny vegetables or tapas.

The Romance vintage is also available in magnum, a perfect capacity for sharing a glass of wine in summer.

The grape varieties of the Romance vintage

The Romance de Berne cuvée puts Provence in the spotlight. The winemaker therefore uses Provençal grape varieties which provide all the characteristics of this refreshing entry-level vintage.

Grenache noir

Grenache is a very versatile black grape variety, which adapts to the terroir to produce delicious and generous blended wines, with aromas of blackberry and subtly spicy blackcurrant.

The cinsault

Particularly resistant to wind and drought, cinsault is made for Provence. Initially used for red wine, we discover it balanced and sweet in the blend of rosé wine. It then offers fruity (strawberry, apricot, citrus, hazelnut, etc.) and floral (lily, violet, lime blossom, etc.) aromas.


Renowned for producing powerful red wines, Syrah is a black grape variety also widely used for making fine and fruity rosé wine. Depending on the maturity of the grape, the wines will present more or less marked aromas of black and red fruits (blueberry, redcurrant, raspberry, blackberry, etc.).


Often associated with Cabernet Franc or Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot is a Bordeaux grape variety that adapts easily to the Provençal terroir. The wine made from Merlot develops notes of blueberry, black cherry, plum, strawberry, raspberry, or even blackberry.

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