cuvée les oliviers

The Cuvée des Oliviers from Château de Berne

A benchmark organic vintage from the Berne estate, the Les Oliviers vintage is a tribute to the cultivation of the olive tree in Provence. Its wine expresses all the richness of the terroir and all the know-how of Berne's winegrowers.


The Cuvée des Oliviers from Château de Berne

Representing a long tradition of making rosé wine from Provence , the cuvée des Oliviers is a true tribute to this particularly generous and gourmet wine region. Les Oliviers is the first vintage vinified organically on the Berne estate.

An organic wine from Provence

The Oliviers wine from Château de Berne is the first vintage offered organically, after the conversion to organic farming begun several years ago by the Berne estate. The winegrowers are then responsible for ensuring healthy and environmentally friendly viticulture, using only products of animal, plant or mineral origin to maintain and raise the vines.

Organic wine is in tune with the times, and responds to a pressing demand to take care of nature and one's body, by working with the products of the earth as simply as possible, without excessive additions or overly intrusive winemaking techniques.

The cuvée des Oliviers is then the result of intense adaptation work, which today allows us to produce a rosé wine with the AB label of high quality.

A wine in AOP Côtes de Provence

The AOC Côtes de Provence is a label awarded to Provence wines grown in the departments of Var, Bouches-du-Rhône, and a small part of the Alpes-Maritimes. Recognized since 1977, this French label takes the name AOP Côtes de Provence at European level. The requirements are the same, the specifications are just as strict.

Spread over more than 20,000 hectares, the AOP Côtes de Provence vineyard produces red and white wines, but it is undeniably for its rosé wines that the appellation is so renowned.

AOP Côtes de Provence wines are thus vinified from different red and white grape varieties typical of this French wine region (syrah, mourvèdre, grenache, ugni blanc, clairette, rolle, etc.), and each of them gives very particular characteristics to the wines of Provence.

Thus, the AOC Côtes de Provence rosé has a pretty color which can range from very pale salmon to a beautiful peony pink shade. Its nose is distinguished by its aromas of red fruits and black fruits, but also its floral, vegetal, and sometimes even balsamic notes. Finally, on the palate, Provence rosé is structured, dry and round, with an excellent balance between acidity, tannins and alcohol.

Rosé wine Château de Berne Les Oliviers

In the Provençal hinterland, in the town of Lorgues, the Domaine de Berne vineyard strives to reveal all the complexity of the terroir through an exceptional organic rosé cuvée : the Oliviers. We then discover an organic Côtes de Provence rosé of great finesse and great intensity, very much in tune with the times.

The grape varieties of the Les Oliviers rosé vintage

To offer an elegant local vintage, each winemaker at the Berne estate works the vines with passion. Typical grape varieties of Provence are then used , in a carefully orchestrated blend.

  • Grenache noir : from Spain, this black grape variety offers a good sweet taste to wines, and makes it possible to make low-acid blended red and rosé wines with aromas of black fruits;
  • Carignan : also from Spain, this black grape variety needs sun to produce a colorful, powerful and generous wine, with aromas of cherry, pepper, blackberry, raspberry, almond and violet ;
  • Syrah : a fairly fragile grape variety, Syrah nevertheless makes it possible to produce rosé wines of great finesse and low acidity, with a lovely complexity with slightly spicy, fruity and floral aromas ;
  • Cinsault : this grape variety from Provence also needs lots of sunshine to produce rosé wines with very little color, subtly acidic, and aromas of red fruits, white flowers and dried fruits .

The characteristics of Les Oliviers de Berne rosé

A true reflection of the richness of the Provençal terroir, the rosé cuvée Les Oliviers de Berne is a wine with a brilliant salmon color, with pretty shades of light peach. Its very intense and expressive nose reveals flavors of stone fruits, exotic fruits and citrus fruits.

On the palate, the cuvée des Oliviers rosé offers a beautiful attack, frank and round, where we find aromas of vine peaches and apricot, and a nice structure. Its finish on the palate is long, more floral and invigorating.

All these characteristics make this rosé from Provence the ideal wine to accompany Provençal dishes based on sunny vegetables or grilled fish.

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