combien de verres dans une bouteille de vin

How many glasses in a 75cl bottle of wine?

When you have people over for a meal, or organize a big event, it is always difficult to estimate the right quantity of wine to satisfy everyone without buying too much. The simplest thing then is to know how many glasses you can fill per bottle of wine .

How many glasses per standard bottle?

Before looking at the capacity of a bottle of wine, it is essential to know the capacity of a wine glass. In general, a classic glass, in which red wine, white wine or rosé wine is served, has a capacity of 12 cl. Then, it is rather the sizes of the wine bottles that will determine the number of glasses that you can serve to your guests.

Thus, a classic 75 cl bottle of wine can serve 6 glasses of wine . If you tend to be generous with your guests, the capacity of your glasses may increase to 15 cl. In this case, you can only serve 5 glasses of wine with a standard bottle.

Good to know: these capacities are the same for champagne glasses.

Capacity of wine glasses which may vary

The 12 cl wine glass is a traditional container, but the quantity of wine served in a glass can vary depending on the circumstances.

A glass of wine served at home

During a dinner with friends or family, conventions are not always required, and the host can be generous by serving more generous glasses of wine, reaching up to 15 cl. In this case, the standard 75 cl bottle only fills 5 glasses instead of 6.

A glass of wine served by a professional

A waiter or an oenologist will always serve a 125 ml wine glass , because this allows you to fill 6 glasses, and avoid wasting the bottom of the bottle. You will notice that more and more wine glasses are marked to indicate the quantity of wine served.

A number of wine glasses depending on the size of the bottle

The 75 cl bottle is a standard in France and around the world, but there are other bottle formats. So, the quantity of glasses per bottle changes:

  • The clavelin , with a capacity of 62 cl, can serve 5 glasses of wine ;
  • The magnum , with a capacity of 1.5 liters, can fill 12 glasses ;
  • The 3 liter jeroboam can serve 24 to 25 glasses of wine ;
  • The 4.5 liter Réhoboam can fill 36 to 37 glasses ;
  • The Methuselah , with its 6 liter capacity, can serve up to 50 glasses ;
  • The salmanazar , with a capacity of 9 liters, can fill up to 75 glasses ;
  • The Balthazar , with a capacity of 12 liters, can serve up to 100 glasses ...

If these bottles refer to large formats, there are also smaller bottles of wine, such as the 25 cl pint (2 glasses) or the 37.5 cl fillette (3 glasses).

Define the quantity of wine according to different criteria

The quantity of wine to provide for each person will depend on numerous criteria:

  • From the event: we generally consume less wine at a business meal than at a reception, for example;
  • The type of wine: in the same way, we often consume less champagne or wine with a high alcohol content than light wines;
  • Guests: some people consume little wine, while others enjoy several glasses in a row;
  • The duration of the event: the quantity of drink to be provided will be different if it is for a meal, for an evening, or for several days.

Good to know: as a host, it is also your role to limit the consumption of wine to all the people who will be driving in the coming hours.

Bottle of wine: how much per person?

Generally speaking, it is considered that for a meal without excess, a person consumes on average 2 to 3 glasses of wine . It is therefore wise to provide a bottle for 2 people. But it also depends on the type of wine:

  • Red wine: one bottle for 2 people;
  • White wine: one bottle for 3 people;
  • Rosé wine and champagne: one bottle for 3 to 4 people.

In the particular case of the reception at a wedding, it is estimated that each guest drinks on average 2 glasses of wine.

From this data, you can then estimate the quantity of bottles of wine and champagne to provide depending on the event. Remember, of course, to eliminate from your calculation all guests who do not consume alcohol (children, pregnant women, etc.).

The quantity of wine to bring is always a headache, but if you plan to entertain a lot of guests, large bottle sizes are always interesting. The Berne estate therefore offers some of its vintages in magnum and jeroboam format .

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