Femme choisissant son vin blanc

Choose your white wine according to your tastes!

A small glass of white wine for an aperitif or to accompany a dish is always very pleasant. But not all white wines are the same, and it's important to be able to choose based on what you really like. Here is how to choose a white wine according to your tastes .


Dry white wine

Generally speaking, dry white wines are not very sweet, and more acidic than sweet or sweet wines. We can then classify them into 3 categories:

  • Dry and fruity wines : the fruit aromas are perfectly highlighted, without saturating the taste buds with sugar. These are generally fresh wines, whose light acidity pairs perfectly with seafood;
  • Mineral wines : less fruity, but often fresher on the palate, these wines work wonders with grilled fish;
  • Soft and round wines : rich on the palate and very delicious, these whites offer brioche or buttery aromas which perfectly accompany white meats or desserts.


Sweet white wine

A sweet wine has the particularity of being very sweet. It contains, in fact, more than 45 grams of sugar per liter . It therefore does not necessarily go well with the dishes on a menu, at the risk of saturating the taste buds. On the other hand, it is very pleasant as an aperitif, and especially as a dessert, with fruit-based recipes.


Sweet white wine

Halfway between dry white and sweet white, sweet white has a sugar content of between 10 and 45 grams per liter. It therefore comes more easily to the table, where its sweet taste will work wonders with foie gras, or with mild cheese platters.


Sparkling wines

Sparkling white wines are also available according to their sugar level. From the rawest to the sweetest, we find Champagne and crémants. These sparkling whites are particularly appreciated by connoisseurs with seafood or as an aperitif.


White wines from our estates

To meet all tastes of wine lovers, the MDCV group produces different white wine vintages each year.


When it comes to wine, no one really has the same tastes. It is therefore interesting to be able to rely on food and wine pairings to choose a white wine that will appeal to as many people as possible. For this, the vineyards of Provence know how to delight all taste buds.

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