Astuces et recettes de chef pour cuisiner au vin rosé

Chef tips and recipes for cooking with rosé wine

Who has never ended up with a background of a bottle of rosé, after an evening with friends, or a family meal? In this case, rather than forcing yourself to finish it, throw it away, or wait too much before drinking it, we offer chef recipes to cook with rosé wine.


Clear or dark rosé: each color its recipes each color

Before you get into a recipe, it is important to know which rosé wine to use. If you don't know much about it, an indication can help you: color. The clearer the rosé wine, the closer its use will approach that of white wine. Conversely, the closer the rosé, the more it will be used as a red wine.


Dare to marinade with rosé wine

If we follow the logic of color, light rosé wine will be perfect for marinating white meat, grill, or fish, while a dark rosé wine will make a good marinade for naked game, beef, or still stew.

For a clear rosé wine marinade, it will suffice for a mixture of vegetable oil, olive oil, rosé wine, mustard, salt and pepper, tarragon and garlic. The meat can marinate 6 to 8 hours before being cooked.

For a marinade based on dark rosé wine, or bleeding wine, opt for the same mixture, add 5 cl of cognac or marc de Burgundy, as well as shallot, juniper berries and thyme. Let the meat marinate 24 hours.


Cook the shells with rosé wine

Although we are used to using white wine to cook knives, shells and clams, cooking pinkish shells, however, brings a very appreciable touch of bitterness. It will then be necessary to pour a little olive oil in a hot pan, then add the shells, and cover. After 2 minutes, the Rosé de Provence wine can be added, before covering. It will then be enough to add coriander or tarragon, salt, and pepper, then let the wine reduce for a few minutes.


Cooking the fish with a rosé wine sauce

The rosé wine sauce will accompany fish, such as bar, sea bream or cod, with subtlety. To do this, you will have to melt butter and olive oil, before brushing chopped shallots. Then incorporate a spoon of cumin, rosemary, salt, pepper, and finally wine. Bring to a boil until evaporation of 2/3 of the liquid, then pour a tablespoon of dilted flour with cold water. Finish by adding 10 cl of thick cream.

Prepare a Rosé wine dessert

Among the sweet recipes that highlight rosé wine, granite is a must to surprise your guests. Available with all types of rosé wine, the recipe for rosé wine granita is to put rosé wine in the freezer, and grate it at the last minute before services, on candied summer fruit.


Would you like to try the adventure of cooking with rosé wine? The Domaine de Bern offers pink wines from Provence perfectly suited to recipes based on rosé wine.

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