7 livres autour du vin à lire à la plage

7 books about wine to read at the beach

The beach is always an opportunity to read a good book. Why not take advantage of this moment of relaxation to learn more about wine? We are not talking, of course, about big chunks of several hundred pages, but about small, light and accessible books, to be devoured without moderation. Here is for you a selection of 7 books on wine to read at the beach .


Wine is not rocket science , Ophélie Neiman

Every year, Ophélie Neiman offers us a reinvented version of her best-seller on wine . Neither sommelier, nor even oenologist, this author transmits her passion for wine to us, through a light and easy to read book.

The goal is simple: to make the world of wine accessible to everyone. Ophélie Neiman then uses a simple and natural style, to break this slightly too elitist aspect that we often offer to the world of wine.

Whether you are an oenology expert, or simply curious, enjoy reading this book, and learn how to enjoy a good glass of wine without fuss.


The Wine Route please , Jules Gaubert-Turpin, Adrien Grant-Smith and Charlie Garros

This is a book that will accompany you during your summer tanning sessions, and will allow you to approach oenology with simplicity . The Wine Route please is a journey to meet 15 great vineyards of France.

The texts are clear, simple and illustrated, making the notion of great wine accessible to everyone, whether small wine enthusiast or great oenologist.

Between small appellations and great terroirs, stroll along the Wine Route through the colorful pages, and learn in a fun way all the secrets of great wines : grape varieties, appellations, winemaking techniques and tasting advice.


Why do we drink wine? , Fabrizio Bucella

The professional career of the author of the book Why do we drink wine? could suggest a very specialized reading intended for fine connoisseurs. However, this sommelier and oenology school director transmits his passion for wine brilliantly, in a book where we approach wine in an unexpected way.

Don't expect to get advice on wine tasting, for example, because the author instead seeks to approach the world of wine with a social and scientific perspective. It then relies on a serious investigation to understand the link between Man and wine , and the deep reason which pushes humans to enjoy a good little glass of wine.


The Little Book of the Sommelier , Gwilherm de Cerval

The author of the Little Book of the Sommelier establishes himself as a true lover of the vine, and offers a work which puts pleasure and conviviality at the heart of tasting. Combining poetry and humor, the book takes you through the wine regions , discovering grape varieties, aromas and colors.

Very well illustrated and very pleasant to read, the Sommelier's Little Book accompanies you to the beach to simply learn the secrets of wine making and the trades that surround it, from the vineyard to the service.


History of French Wines , Serge Pacaud and Pascal Goubert

Because French vineyards are part of our country's heritage, authors Serge Pacaud and Pascal Goubert sought to make a link between history and the vine . A lover of history and wine, you may never take off your briefcase, as you will be so absorbed by this fascinating story which highlights the people behind each bottle of wine.

We then find the expertise of the historian and researcher Serge Pacaud, who explains the history of French wine estates , and the in-depth knowledge of the wine merchant Pascal Goubert, who provides an interesting opinion on each estate .

So remember to wear sunscreen before settling down, because this book, which reads like a novel, fully deserves the wine rating!


The wine lovers dictionary , Bernard Pivot

Approach the passion for wine with poetry and refinement, with the wine lovers dictionary , by journalist Bernard Pivot. Between reading memories and personal anecdotes, discover the world of wine from a cultural perspective. We are then talking, of course, about the culture of the vine, but also about the culture of the mind, which allows us to understand oenology in a new and spiritual way.

Like a declaration of love for the vine , Bernard Pivot discusses for you the great estates, the vintages and the big names in wine, with a beautifully illustrated book.


My oenology course in 12 weeks , Marie-Dominique Bradford

Remove from your mind this very serious, almost austere image that the world of wine can present, and discover My oenology course in 12 weeks flat . Like children, bring your vacation notebook to the beach, and learn to understand wine with fun .

The author, Marie-Dominique Bradford, puts her experience as an oenology trainer at your service to guide you through the world of wine with education and humor.

By the pool, or by the sea, learn oenology with ease , and apply everything you have learned from the start of the school year!


Make no mistake, reading on the theme of wine is not always soporific! Here you are with numerous book references on wine that will follow you on the beaches all summer.

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