Zoom sur la cuvée Grande Récolte du Château de Berne

Focus on the Grande Récolte vintage from Château de Berne

Elegantly presented in its iconic square bottle, the Grande Récolte de Berne cuvée is a timeless reference of Côtes de Provence.

Cuvée Grande Récolte: Provence in 3 colors

At the heart of the Provençal terroir, Château de Berne is a sunny wine estate which stands out for its exceptional know-how. The terroir then combines the art of winemaking of the winemaker to produce wines in 3 colors of great quality. The red wines, rich and deep, seduce with their aromas of red fruits, while the white wines, elegant and lively, reveal citrus notes. As for rosé wines, true emblems of Provence, they express themselves with great freshness and elegance through light floral notes.

The rosé wines of the Grande Récolte de Berne vintage

Medalist at the Provence wine competition, the Grande Récolte rosé from the Berne estate embodies the excellence of the AOP Côtes de Provence. Resulting from a rigorous selection of the best Cinsault, Grenache Noir and Syrah grapes, the Grande Récolte rosé AOP Côtes de Provence 2022 vintage is distinguished by its beautiful light peach color and its intense nose with notes of exotic fruits. When tasting, we discover a very aromatic mid-palate, with aromas of stone fruits (vine peach), while the finish is rather floral.

To extend the pleasure all year round, the Berne estate offers a winter edition of the Grande Récolte rosé cuvée . This 2021 AOP Côtes de Provence rosé wine works wonders with traditional dishes from Provence, thanks to its beautiful deliciousness and great freshness.

The Grande Récolte red wine from the Provençal estate

A true reflection of the exceptional wines that Provence produces each year, the Grande Récolte 2019 red vintage is a traditional Provençal wine that we love to find on our tables. The beautiful garnet color with purple highlights is the result of a blend of emblematic grape varieties from the south of France: Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache Noir.

When tasting, the aromas of black fruits and the lovely spicy notes (licorice and pepper) of this Côtes de Provence red prove to be valuable assets for highlighting Mediterranean cuisine, charcuterie, or even grilled meats.

The Grande Récolte white wine from Château de Berne

Dominated by notes of fresh fruit, the Grande Récolte AOP Côtes de Provence 2021 white wine vintage is a delight of freshness and authenticity. The beautiful blend of Rolle, Sémillon and Ugni Blanc gives a lovely intense yellow color to this fresh and delicious wine, and brilliantly expresses all the power of the spirit of Bern .

On the palate, we appreciate the aromatic complexity of this vintage, mixing lemony touches with stone fruit aromas. So many assets that perfectly highlight grilled poultry or fish.

Château de Berne, a timeless reference for quality wines in Côtes de Provence, develops its vintages with care, favoring the blending of grape varieties to create unique wines. With their beautiful peach colors and fruity aromas, these wines reveal notes of vine peaches and citrus aromas, testifying to the exceptional terroir of the region. In organic farming, each Château de Berne wine is a beautiful blend, a true expression of the wine world, proudly bearing the designation of origin.

The Grande Récolte de Berne cuvée is a powerful tribute to the Provençal terroir and winemaking excellence. Treat yourself to an unforgettable taste experience with the best vintages of this emblematic vintage.

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