Tout savoir sur les cépages du vin : le sauvignon blanc

All about wine grape varieties: the Sauvignon Blanc

Considered the best grape in France for white wine, the Sauvignon Blanc comes from the Bordeaux region, but is cultivated today around the world. Let's go to meet this white grape variety which makes it possible to produce renowned white wines.


The origins of the Sauvignon Blanc grape

Sauvignon is a white grape variety from the southwest, and more precisely from the Loire and Bordeaux valley. Cultivated from the 6thth A century, at the Gallo-Roman era, the Sauvignon Blanc was today the most widespread white grape in the world, with Chardonnay.


The Sauvignon Blanc in the vineyards

The Sauvignon White vineyards are characterized by compact grape clusters, with small bays with thick skin of a pretty golden yellow.

Sauvignon soaks particularly well of the characteristics of the soil, which allows it to produce Very varied white wines Depending on the climate and the terroir. It flourishes more intensely on limestone soils, which makes the southwest of France a wine region very conducive to the culture of Sauvignon Blanc. Other countries, such as New Zealand, have characteristics that allow Sauvignon to express itself intensely.

However, it must be recognized that the Production of Sauvignon Blanc is much more qualitative than quantitative. Thus, this white grape variety is often assembled to other more productive grape varieties.

White wines in Sauvignon Blanc

According to the terroirs, the Sauvignon Blanc is expressed differently, and its aromas are very varied, ranging from blackcurrant to white fruits, rifle stone notes to cut grass flavors, and to the aromas of passion fruit.

In general, the Sauvignon Blanc makes it possible to give Dry white wines, with good childcare potential (from 2 to 5 years on average, and up to 10 years for vines cultivated on clay-silice soil).

We also find sweet wines Products from Sauvignon in late harvest. We recognize a certain freshness, minerality and structure.


Sauvignon, in France and in the world

If it has seen the light of day in the Bordeaux region, the Sauvignon Blanc is a grape variety which is quite easily acclimatized to others French wine regions and global.

Le Sauvignon Blanc in France

The Sauvignon white grape varieties Obviously have kept their establishment in the Bordeaux region, but they are also found in the Loire valley, on the Saint-Bris plateau, in the Cher valley, in Languedoc-Roussillon, and in Provence.

Sauvignon Blanc is particularly famous for certain great wines, such as the Sancerre, the Quincy, or the Pouilly smoke.

The white Sauvignon abroad

The winegrowers around the world today cultivate the Sauvignon Blanc, especially in the southern hemisphere, where climatic conditions are ideal. We then find these white grape varieties by New Zealand, but also in Chile, California or Australia.


What to eat with white Sauvignon?

We have already mentioned the very famous Quincy, Sancerre and Pouilly-Fumé products that make the reputation of Sauvignon Blanc. But you can also discover other white wines, such as the Sauternes.

You can then taste these refreshing dry wines with seafood, fish or crustaceans, but also with grilled vegetables, white meats, poultry, or even lamb, as well as goat cheeses.

For dessert, prefer a more liquid version of Sauvignon, to accompany your dishes with a sweet touch.



Do you like to discover the different grape varieties cultivated in France? On the Bordeaux side, the Sauvignon Blanc will never disappoint you, and will accompany all your dishes, or almost!

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