Tout savoir sur les cépages du vin : le riesling blanc

All about wine grape varieties: white riesling

With among the oldest grape varieties, riesling is particularly recognized for its often dry, sometimes soft and soft natural wines. Discover all the characteristics of White riesling grape variety, its history, its particularities.


The story of the white riesling grape variety

The Origins of Riesling are German. He would have seen the light of day in the Rhine region, during the Roman occupation, where he then bore the name of "Rieslen", which means "to flow" in German, and testifies to the sensitivity of the vineyard to the flow.

It's only at 15th century that the white grape variety is found in France, and in particular in Alsace, its favorite terroir. He then takes the name of Riesling.

Its culture will not really develop from the second half of the 19thth century, where it became the grape occupying the largest production area in Alsace.


The characteristics of the white riesling

Riesling is a white grape variety that makes it possible to produce the most great Alsatian wines. We owe him such a success to his unique characteristics.

Riesling in the vineyard

We recognize the Riesling vineyards To their small, compact and cylindrical clusters, as well as their small round bays, light green to golden yellow.

This late grape variety Appreciate the schist and light soils, and resists rather well with the continental climate and the cold winters. On the other hand, riesling is sensitive to drought and gray rot.

Riesling in glass

Riesling gives Dry or sweet white wines, from the selection of noble grains very concentrated in sugar, or late harvest. Their aromatic complexity then greatly depends on the production terroir, which makes it possible to develop aromas of citrus, jasmine, honey, ginger.

The strong Riesling acidity offers him all the conditions to produce wines, as the Grand Cru d'Alsace (or Alsace Grand Cru), whose aging can reach and exceed 15 years.


The culture of white riesling in France and in the world

The white riesling is known in France for its Alsace wines. But he is not from France, and he is cultivated by many winegrowers around the world.

Riesling in France

In France, the white riesling is fully flourished in Alsace, where it makes it possible to produce great vintages, as well as the famous Crémant d'Alsace. But we also find it not far from Alsace, in Moselle. He is then cultivated as a noble grape variety In these French wine regions.

Riesling abroad

The white Riesling grape was created in Germany. It is therefore natural in this country that he is most cultivated in the world. It is then used in monoceeping, rarely high in oak barrels, and never exposed to trade yeasts. This allows him to produce a white wine fruity and mineral.

Riesling is also cultivated in other countries of the world, such as Australia, South Africa, the United States (and particularly California and New York), Romania, Slovakia, the Bulgaria and Austria and New Zealand.


White riesling: Wine food agreements

Riesling is a Alsace wine Full of freshness and minerality. He therefore perfectly accompanies the iodized dishes, like fish (dorade, salmon, etc.), seafood and crustaceans.

Inasmuch as King of the grape varieties of Alsace, we find it obviously on the tables garnished with regional recipes: sauerkraut, baeckeoffe, rooster at riesling…

For more originality, riesling can also enhance the pan -fried foie gras and cheese.

Finally, for dessert, the Sweet gluttony of Riesling In fact a perfect dry wine to accompany tangy desserts, such as a lemon pie.



Little extended in France, but recognized nationally as a noble grape variety, the Riesling accompanies many dishes and aperitifs. Do not hesitate to explore others France grape varieties Thanks to the Domaine de Berne.

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