Tout savoir sur les cépages du vin : la syrah noire

All about wine grape varieties: black syrah

Syrah is a grape variety of France that feeds on the sun and the heat to produce aromatic and powerful red wines, and fruity and fine rosés. Then discover the syrah, mainly cultivated in the south-east of France, and whose quality allows him to rank among the larger black grape varieties in France and the world.


The origins of the black syrah grape variety

If we refer to the DNA of this grape variety, the Origins of Syrah dates back to the association of two ancient grape varieties:

  • The Duza, an old Ardèche grape variety from Pinot Noir;
  • The white world, an old Savoy grape variety.

We then find the trace of First feet of Syrah On the west shore of the Rhône, but the dates are still blurred on the first cultures. It is then called Shiraz, Sirac, Sirane, Serne, or Hermitage.


What are the peculiarities of black Syrah?

Particularly enjoying granite soils and poor floors, the Syrah is rather resistant in the face of parasites. On the other hand, it is sensitive to the southern winds, as well as in the warm and dry climate.

the Black syrah grape variety is identifiable by its medium bays, of ovoid shape, and whose grape skin is dark. The Syrah cluster is elongated, medium in size, and surmounted by long branches.

At tasting, Syrah grape grains are full of aromas and intensity, which allows them to produce red wines of character, particularly capable of aging. Syrah is also used in theRosal wines grape varieties.


Syrah wine regions

If Syrah is highly appreciated throughout the world, it is in the French wine regions That this variety of grapes is best expressed.

Syrah in northern Rhône wine grape varieties

Syrah is one of the most cultivated black grape varieties in the northern part of the Rhone corridor. There are several controlled names of origin using syrah:

  • L'AOC Côte-Rôtie gives tannic and colorful wines, sometimes scented, and with very marked fruit aromas;
  • L'AOC Saint-Joseph gives light wines that age quickly;
  • L'AOC ’Hermitage offers capitous, colorful and fruity red wines, which age by giving off flavors of spices, oak and black fruit;
  • L'Crozes Hermitage controlled designation produces a soft and elegant wine, with notes of red fruits and spices, and to taste young;
  • L'AOC Cornas Give tannic, thick and black wines, with excellent guard potential.

Syrah in the southern grape varieties of the Rhone corridor

In the south of the Rhone corridor, Syrah is often assembled with other grape varieties, such as Cinsault, Grenache Noir, Mourvèdre or Carignan.

Among the AOCs of this southern region, theAOC Châteauneuf du Pape is probably the most famous. Its red wines are balanced, full -bodied, and rich in aromas of black fruit and oak.

Then comes theAOC Côtes-du-Rhône, which gives spicy and intense red wines, with red fruit flavors.

Syrah around the world

We find Syrah, on a lower scale, in Languedoc-Roussillon and in Provence, where its grape is used for Produce pink assembly wines.

Elsewhere in the world, Syrah is cultivated in Italy, South Africa, Switzerland, Mexico, California, Argentina, Chile and Australia.



You would like to discover the subtleties of Syrah black grape variety ? Go from the north of the Rhône valley, go down along the river, and stop in Provence, to the Domaine de Bern, to taste the Best Provence wines based on Syrah.

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