Tout savoir sur la région viticole Bourgogne

All about the Burgundy wine region

The Burgundy wine region It is not very extensive, but its vineyards allow each year to produce a very great diversity of wines, some of which have a great reputation around the whole world. Let's discover the Viticultural region of Burgundy, its history, its vineyards, its terroirs and its wines.


The history of the Burgundy vineyard

We find the first traces of Vine culture in Burgundy From the 1st century AD, and especially near Beaune and Dijon. It is however in the Middle Ages that the Burgundy vineyards will develop, thanks to the important work of the monks of the abbeys.

Following the rise of Burgundy wines And wine trade in the region, influenced by the Dukes of Burgundy, the French Revolution will impose the sale of the clergy vineyards, which will then be fragmented between different heirs.

The development of wines will still take place, and despite the attack on phylloxera, oïdium and mildew, at the end of the 19th century, the Burgundy wines Today have a reputation for quality and prestige.


The geography of the Burgundy wine region

Between Auxerre and Mâcon, the Burgundy vineyards Extend over 230 km. With 30,000 hectares of vines, the wine region benefits from a very diverse climate.

  • The semi-continental or continental climate coming from the east, with very cold winters, many spring frosts, very hot summers, and very dry autumns;
  • The oceanic climate from the West, with constant and soft temperatures throughout the year;
  • The Mediterranean climate coming from the south, with the strong wind, and in particular the Mistral, the hot and dry summers, and the gentle and humid winters.

Burgundy is thus a Wine Region Who benefits from many microclimates, which make all the diversity of the wines produced.


Burgundy grape varieties

The White wines, red wines and pink wines produced in Burgundy are mainly made from 4 black grape varieties and 6 white grape varieties.

Burgundy black grape varieties

The black grape of excellence in Burgundy is undoubtedly the Pinot Noir. Appreciating temperate climates and limestone soils, this grape gives Prestige Burgundy wines. Red wine from Pinot Noir has a little intense dress, a slight acidity, and very pleasant sweet aromas. Some Burgundy red wines In Pinot Noir have a very good childcare potential.


The Burgundy vineyards Also have other black grape varieties:

  • the black gamay, exclusive grape by Beaujolais Rouge;
  • the Pinot Gris, produced in small yields for certain names, such as the Bourgogne Côtes-Saint-Jacques AOC;
  • the Black Caesar, a small assembly grape variety that is found, among other things, in the AOC Irancy red wine.

Burgundy white grape varieties

the Main white grape variety of the Burgundian vineyard is white Chardonnay. If it is cultivated all over the world, it is on these original lands, in Burgundy, that this grape is best expressed.

the White Chardonnay offers an interesting acidity, and a beautiful sugar content, which makes him a grape variety for the assembly of balanced, ample and powerful white wines. We recognize her aromas of hazelnut, dried fruits and toasted which are very specific to him.


The Burgundy vineyards Also have other white grape varieties:

  • L'White aligoté, a hybrid grape from Pinot Noir and White Gouais, which gives fresh, light and not very acid wines;
  • The white melon, or muscadet, used as an accessory grape for the Crémant de Burgundy AOC and the Mâcon-Blanc AOC;
  • the Sauvignon Blanc, only grape variety of the AOC Saint-Bris;
  • the Pinot White ;
  • the white Sacy.


Burgundy appellations

The Burgundy names are as varied as these terroirs, and there are nearly 100 AOCs on this French wine region. Among them, we count:

  • 6 regional AOCs, including theAOC Bourgogne Aligoté or theAOC Crémant de Burgundy ;
  • 44 municipal appellations, such as theAOC Petit-Chablis of the Vineyard of Basse-Bourgogne, theAOC Nuits-Saint-Georges from the Côte de Nuits vineyard, theAOC Pommard from the vineyard of the Beaune coast, theAOC Saint-Véran of the Mâconnais, or theAOC GIVRY from the Chalonnaise coast.


The Burgundy wine region is a curiosity for all wine lovers, as diversity is great. Take advantage of an oenotouristic stay to discover the Exceptional Burgundy wines.

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