Salon du vin : comment bien préparer votre visite ?

Wine fair: how to prepare your visit?

Throughout France, the new edition of wine fairs is launched. This is the ideal opportunity for wine lovers to discover new vintages, get good deals and meet producers. Whether for a regional fair, an organic wine fair, or even a wine fair for independent winegrowers, it is interesting to anticipate the event by preparing your visit . Discover our tips for taking advantage of upcoming shows.

Select one or more lounges

There are many wine fairs in France, and it is sometimes difficult to make a choice. We therefore advise you to select the events according to your expectations . Indeed, if you want to buy good bottles or if you simply prefer to taste and discover new products, wine fairs will not be the same.

Because you should know that not all salons have the same objective. For example, the Revue des Vins de France show focuses on wine tasting and does not offer anything for sale (or to order). Conversely, more rarely, certain fairs sell wines without going through the tasting box.

Take stock of your wine needs

Before setting out to conquer the wine fairs, it is better to take a little inventory of your personal cellar . This is the opportunity to identify what you are missing, to target your search once there: red wines, white wines, rosé wines...

You can also take your needs into account to define the quantity of bottles of wine to purchase , whether for a birthday, a special celebration, or simply for your personal consumption.

Be open to new things and discoveries

Making a list of wines to buy is good, but a wine fair is also an opportunity to discover the best products from our wine producers. Depending on the trade show schedule, you can go to events allowing you to set off on the wine route without too much effort, and tour the different wine-growing regions of France, while other trade shows are taking place. will be limited to a single geographic area. This is the opportunity to make great discoveries !

More and more wine fairs are also exploring foreign wines, or wines with unique characteristics. From rare grape varieties to American wine, all discoveries are possible.

Make a list

Generally speaking, small living rooms do not necessarily require organization. Just go there and stop at each stall. On the other hand, for major trade fairs, such as theVinomedia trade fair , the Sirha trade fair, the independent winegrowers trade fair or even the Vinexpo, it is interesting to organize yourself so as not to miss anything . You can then define the areas you want to discover by referring to the list of exhibitors and thus organize yourself:

  • Prioritize your visits to each stand;
  • Set a time of 10 to 30 minutes per stand ;
  • Note the numbers of the stands to visit, and locate their locations within the exhibition center;
  • Equip yourself with a hand truck or a mini cart to transport boxes of wine;
  • Be present as soon as the show opens, to avoid peak traffic (around 3 p.m.).

Respect the order of wine tasting

Most exhibitors will offer you the chance to taste each of their vintages, to learn the full extent of their production and the variety of their rich terroir. So don't make the mistake of starting out at random, at the risk of not appreciating each wine at its true value. Remember that the ideal is to respect the order of tasting the wines and its stages , starting with the sparkling wine, then the white wine, the rosé wine, the light red wine, the tannic red wine and finally, the sweet wine or sweet. Of course, the digestives are to be enjoyed last.

The aim of such an order is not to saturate the taste buds with the sugar and tannins of the wine. Of course, this is not so simple when going from stand to stand, and if you have to taste several bottles of wine, remember to rinse your mouth regularly, by drinking water or eating a piece of bread.

Logically, if you are dealing with a good winemaker, he will serve you his wines in the right way!

Spit out the wine without swallowing it

With each new edition of the wine fairs, exhibitors make plastic or stainless steel spittoons available to visitors. Although few amateurs dare to use them, they are nevertheless an essential utensil for exceptional tasting.

Indeed, there is no need to remember that wine contains alcohol, and that if you drink too much, you end up being slightly tipsy. And even if you are only served a few centimeters per tasting, the accumulation of numerous taste experiences ends up weighing heavily in your glass at the end of the visit. Unconsciously, you will no longer be as clear-sighted about the quality of the wines, because your sensory perceptions will be modified.

Spitting out the wine in no way prevents you from enjoying the product, and it even becomes essential if you plan to drive home!

Take notes so you don't forget anything

In a wine fair, we talk with dozens of producers, and we taste dozens of vintages. When you get home, it's hard to remember everything. So don't hesitate to take notes on the wines you purchased, but also on those that caught your attention and your preferences.

To go further, you can even note those that you didn't like at all, so as not to waste your time at the next shows.

The rating can be done with stars, with numbers from 1 to 5, or with a ranking from A to E, at your convenience!

Above all, have fun!

A wine fair is a friendly fair that is generally spent with friends or family. The desire not to miss anything should therefore not alter the pleasure you will take in discovering new wines and new wine regions. Also take advantage of the exchanges with the producers to have a pleasant time .

For a successful wine fair , we advise you to select in advance the areas and wines you wish to taste. Once there, remember to spit out the wine and take notes, so that you always make the right choice, with an informed eye. The main thing is to have fun and meet wine enthusiasts like you!

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