Quizz sur le Côtes de Provence

Quiz on the Côtes de Provence

Extended on nearly 20,000 hectares, straddling 3 departments (Bouches-du-Rhône, Var et alpes-Maritimes), theAOC Côtes de Provence represents ¾ of wine production in Provence. Do you like to sip a small glass of Côtes de Provence as an aperitif, to accompany a dish, or during a barbecue evening? But do you really know this controlled designation of origin? Here is a little Quiz on the Côtes de Provence To test your knowledge.


What is the specialty of Provence in wine?

o White wine

o Red wine

o Rosé wine


Provence has always specialized in Rosé wine production. The latter requires a climate and floors that only the Provencal terroir can offer, and the winegrowers show ancestral know-how allowing them to perfectly master the complexity of the manufacture of rosé wine. Provence is not limited to rosé wine, however, it also produces excellent Red wines and white wines, although these vineyards remain in the minority.


What proportion of the production of Provence wines represent rosé wine?

o 54 %

o 71 %

o 86%


If rosé wine represented only 60 % of production in Provence in the 1990s, things have changed. The Côtes de Provence can now boast of representing almost 90 % of the region's production. Provence is then undoubtedly the first region in France AOP pink wines producer, and represents almost 40 % of the national production of rosé wine.


Which of these A.O.C. is not a Provencal name?

o Banyuls

o bandol

o Cassis


Bandol and blackcurrant are two AOC de Provence. On the other hand, the AOC Banyuls comes straight from the Pyrénées-Orientales. Extended in the 4 municipalities of Collioure, Port-Vendres, Banyuls and Cerbère, the AOC Banyuls produces excellent red wines of 3 types: the "Rimage" Banyuls, the traditional Banyuls, and the "Grand Cru" Banyuls.


How many wine bottles do we produce per year in Provence?

o 97 million

o 168 million

o 212 million


In Provence, no less than 600 producers and 40 companies are busy producing each year the equivalent of 168 million wine bottles. This represents more than 1.3 million hectoliters of wine, all from 27 hectares of Provence vineyard.

86 % of production is devoted to rosé wine, 9.5 % to red wines, and 4.5 % to white wines.


How many A.O.C do we have. in Provence ?

o 7

o 9

o 12


Provence benefits from such an extent that the terroirs are varied, which makes it possible to produce very different wines. Thus, the Provence has 9 AOC : AOC Bandol, AOC Cassis, AOC Côtes-de-Provence, AOC Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence, AOC Coteaux Varois in Provence, AOC Les Baux de Provence, AOC Pierrevert and the AOC Palette.


How many types of Côtes de Provence exist?

o 1

o 2

o 3


Although Provence is essentially recognized for its Manufacturing of rosé winesHowever, it also offers white wine and red wine.

the white wine from Provence Offers a great freshness and a beautiful pale yellow dress. the Red Wine of Provence is fresh with notes of red fruits, while the Rosé de Provence wine has typical tangy freshness.


What proportion do Rosé wines A.O.C. of Provence represent in the world?

o 4 %

o 8%

o 16 %


France is a real reference in the world in terms of rosé wine. First importer, the first producer and the first consumer, the country won internationally. Provence is positioned at the top of world champions of rosé wines, by producing more than 8 % of pink wines consumed worldwide.


The Vineyard of Provence has the reputation of being:

o The oldest in France

o The most extensive

o The smallest in France


the Provençal vineyard is not the most extensive, since Languedoc-Roussillon is ahead of it, with its 230,000 hectares of vines.

However, it is not the smallest wine region either, since the title content remains the Jura, with only 2000 hectares.

However, the Provence vineyard is the older vineyard, since the first vines were introduced there over 2,600 years ago.


The region also has one of the smallest A.O.C. from France, which is it?

O palette

o Pierrevert

o Bellet


Located at the foot of the Sainte-Victoire mountain, theAOC Palette is extended on only 46 hectares. This does not prevent him from taking advantage of the Mediterranean microclimate to produce 1550 hectoliters of original wines each year, all mainly from late harvest.



Whatever the score obtained Quiz on the Côtes de Provence, you now know many small secrets and large pride in Provence wines.

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