Quels sont les meilleurs Côtes de Provence rosés ?

What are the best Côtes de Provence Rosés?

Do you receive family or friends and want to surprise them with a very good Côtes de Provence Rosé? Whatever the occasion, make the choice of quality by helping you with our selection of 10 rosé wines from Côtes de Provence.


Ultimate Provence

This extra fresh rosé wine, with floral notes and intense aromas of exotic fruits and ripe lemon, offers great freshness, enhanced by a spicy note of white pepper. The ultimate Provence (or UP), notes the flavors of the prawns, as well as those of all the daring cooking recipes.


Terres de Berne

With its citrus and nucleus fruit aromas, this fresh rosé wine, whose 2019 vintage was a medalist, is made up of black Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. To be enjoyed as an aperitif, with an entry to the Mediterranean flavors, or a fish, it will be unanimous with your guests.


Château des Bertrands - Cuvée Rascas

This rosé wine, with a nose rich in vine and papaya fishing, offers the palace of fruity and spicy aromas. This cuvée goes perfectly with fish. Salmon in papillote, toast from Poutargue, or Sashimi de Bar, the treat is guaranteed.


Slab castle

Do not be discouraged by the high price of this rosé wine, because the game is worth the candle. Its very rare assembly earned it a complex nose of white flowers and hawthorn which will marry perfectly with refined dishes, crustaceans, or even Provencal cuisine.

Barbanau castle

The aromas of white flowers, grapefruit and summer berries of this ribs of Provence Rosé will seduce you. Fruity and fresh, it accompanies with delight grilled vegetables, fish, a tomato pie, and all the recipes with Provencal notes.

Cross red domain

With its aromatic nose and its aromas of heather, violet, yellow flowers, iodine and fennel, this rosé wine from Provence will be enjoyed from the aperitif to the dish, and will perfectly accompany white meats, fish, or even recipes from Asian cuisine.


Rasque castle - Alexandra cuvée

Its complex nose with aromas of strawberry, raspberry of fishing and bruign, offers this rosé wine a fresh and flexible palace, very appreciable in summer. The Alexandra cuvée will adapt ideally with a Provencal meal with Mediterranean flavors.


Le Clos Cibonne

This rosé wine with a dominant Tibouren grape is atypical and authentic. Its nose revealing notes of sweet spices, and its amazing minerality, will make this rosé wine a perfect ally of your Provencal meals: Aïoli, Bouillabaisse, Curry de Lamb ...


Château Les Valentines

Delicate and sensual, this rosé wine is drunk in any season, and accompanies all the dishes, from aperitif to dessert. His citrus aromas, wild berries and arbutus make him a pink wine perfect to accompany grills, cheeses, or fish.


Domaine Borrely -Martin - Le Carré de Laure

Astonishing and singular, this cuvée of Côtes de Provence with aromas of dried fruit, ripe fruit and toasted will seem round and fat in the mouth. This rosé wine will then associate perfectly with Provencal dishes such as the Daube with black olives, or the cooking of deer.


You now know a selection of the 10 best Côtes de Provence, but many others are also to be discovered, for your greatest pleasure.




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