quel vin rosé offrir

Which rosé wine to offer?

You were invited to a dinner and you don't know what type of wine to bring? Why not a good rosé? Do not creak your teeth, this wine has a false bad reputation. Rosé is in fact synonymous with conviviality and romanticism. In addition, there is something for everyone: dry, fruity, sweet, on duty, light ... the Berne Castle help you find which rosé wine to offer.

Why offer rosé wine?

If you are looking to offer an original gift, opt for rosé wine. It is tasted as a couple, with friends or family, since there are any for everyone.

For example, there are those specially created for celebrations such as rosés in the ultimate provence domain (UP): Ultimate Provence 150 cl Magnum of 2019, Rosé Ultimate Provence 75 cl of 2018… if you are looking for a rosé wine rather of guard, We recommend the wines offered by the Château des Bertrands. Its 2019 cuvée is distinguished in its very rich fruity aroma ending with exotic notes.

If you swear by organic, you will be filled by the cuvées offered by the Domaine du Château de Bern, with its 143 hectares of vineyards in organic conservation. Each wine produced on site is the fruit of processes respectful of nature, from breeding of wine until bottling.


Which rosé wine for what occasion?

As we said, rosé wine, there are some for everyone: dry, fruity, light, very colorful or rather pale ... This makes it the perfect wine for many occasions. For a party for example, we recommend a direct pressing rosé. This type of rosé is characterized by its very pale pink color, its freshness, its lightness and its unknowing character. You will find excellent bottles of this type of rosé with wine domains in Provence such as Provence cult, the castle of Saint-Roux, or the Domaine du Château de Berne

It is ideal for accompanying an aperitif on a terrace, by the pool or a good picnic. To accompany a meal, we recommend a more full -bodied, tasty, but dry rosé. You can for example opt for a Bordeaux Clairet, a Marsannay or a Tavel.

Finally, you can also taste the rosé in cocktail. As you can see, the possibilities are almost infinite.


What color for a good rosé wine?

Despite its many assets, the rosé is still the subject of many popular ideas today. One of the most persistent is that rosé would be an assembly of red wine and white wine. This statement is both true and false: rosé by assembly exists, but this practice is prohibited in France. If you want to drink real rosé, opt for a French wine.

Regarding the color of the rosé, it is not a guarantee of quality. Rather, it informs the place and the method of making rosé. The pink wines are available in many colors, 13 more precisely: sand, mother -of -pearl, lychee, pomelo, raspberry, peach, salmon, apricot, mango, coral, redcurrant, cherry, garnet. But in recent years, we have been witnessing a much more pronounced interest in clear rosé wine like those found in Provence. 

Finally, if you have long thought that rosé is a lesser wine, think again, because it offers unparalleled taste pleasure.

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