Quel vin boire avec des fruits de mer

What wine to drink with seafood?

A guest of choice on all Christmas tables, the seafood platter brings an iodized, sweet and fresh touch to these gourmet meals. And if you want to do things well to the end, you must then choose the wine that will accompany these delicacies from the sea and will enhance them. Here are some tips for choosing your wine to drink with seafood .

Wine and seafood: an explosion of flavors that is difficult to master

Traditionally, a seafood platter consists of lobster, shellfish, sea urchin, crab, shrimp, oysters, periwinkles, whelks and other shellfish. But it is very rare to taste it as is, and all gourmets like to accompany it with bread, butter, lemon, or even a delicious sauce made from vinegar and shallots.

Here is an explosion of flavors which particularly complicates the choice of wine ! So, for a great food and wine pairing , forget sweet wines, and follow our advice.

Dry white wine: a safe bet to accompany seafood

Seafood meals are always easy to pair with a white wine . Mineral and fruity, it will enhance the iodized taste without any false note. Among the essential white wines, we can count on a Chablis, a Meursault, a Riesling from Alsace, or even a white wine from the Loire Valley to offer beautiful freshness and acidity.

If you want to be more precise in your choice of wine , and choose a vintage based on the seafood served, here is something to please you:

  • A Pouilly-Fumé with lobster;
  • A Rhône Valley wine with hot oysters and cooked shellfish;
  • A white wine from Madeira with flambéed prawns;
  • A dry champagne with fresh shrimp;
  • A bold white wine with fresh oysters.

And for a more festive and luxurious side, raw champagne also works wonders. Choose a white wine, to be served at the ideal temperature of 10°C.

Red wine: a bold choice to accompany your seafood platter

At first glance, even wine novices would not turn to a red wine to accompany seafood . However, this pairing could surprise you, provided, of course, you choose the right bottle of red wine.

To do this, it is recommended to respect certain rules which will ensure you find a wine which will highlight the iodine of seafood. So, stay in the Alsace wine region, a safe bet which will guarantee you fine tannins. and a lovely freshness . The ideal grape variety is Pinot Noir.

Our selection then guides you towards a Bourgueuil or a Côtes de Nuits, red wines perfect for enhancing the aromas of seafood.

Rosé wine: a perfect balance for your seafood platter

Often served as an aperitif, rosé wine is nevertheless a wine of choice to accompany seafood . With its freshness and acidity, it knows how to bring out all the character of the dish without ever imposing itself. Several agreements are then possible:

  • A rosé wine from Provence with grilled or flambéed seafood and hot oysters;
  • A Bordeaux rosé wine with shellfish or grilled fish;
  • A rosé wine from Tavel with cooked dishes based on seafood;
  • A rosé wine from Sancerre with shellfish and seafood in general.

Our selection of wines to taste seafood platters

Are you hesitating between several rosé wines and white wines to accompany your seafood? We offer you a selection of bottles of wine that will only delight your guests.

Are you planning to serve a seafood platter to your guests? For Christmas or for a summer meal, rosé wines from Provence will be your assets to surprise your guests.

Our selection of wines

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