Que faire avec vos bouteilles de vin vides ?

What to do with your empty wine bottles?

After enjoying a good bottle of wine, we have the habit of throwing it in a glass bin. The most creative ones, however, have good ideas for reusing empty bottles. Discover 4 brilliant ideas to give a second life to your empty wine bottles . Especially when the bottles have original shapes like the square shape of the Château de Berne and Terres de Berne bottles.

Recycle every empty wine bottle

If you don't want to bother with empty bottles, you can simply throw them away. But be careful, like any glass bottle, wine bottles can be recycled. You can therefore place them in a glass recycling bin in your municipality. The sorting bin will then be emptied and the glass will be reused, giving a second life to each glass container.

You can also go to the local recycling center, where there are dedicated bins for all glass items. Finally, some sorting centers also collect this type of glass bottle to recondition them rather than recycle them.

Good to know: before throwing away a bottle of champagne or wine, check if it is not returnable. If this is the case, simply return the returnable wine bottles to a collection point so that they can be reused.

Donate your bottles to an association

A wine lover can quickly find himself with several empty bottles at home. So, if you don't necessarily want to keep them at home to transform and reuse them, you can also drop them off at an association collection . In fact, many associations are responsible for recovering empty glass containers, with the aim of helping consumers reduce their waste.

The bottles are then redistributed to people and professionals who need them. Thus, associations collect bottles from bars, restaurants, but also individuals, before redistributing them to people who use them, such as winegrowers, or even artists.

Therefore, several associations near you could be interested, such as associations of artists or DIYers, associations of local producers, or even associations of stained glass workers.

Reuse your empty bottles

A bottle of wine can also be reused at home. Once empty and clean, you can then pour whatever you want into it and store other liquids . An empty wine bottle can then become a water bottle, an oil bottle... If you have kept the corks, reuse will be even more practical and easy.

You can also store non-edible liquids, such as homemade laundry detergent, in your empty wine bottles. In this case, be particularly vigilant by noting on the bottle the type of liquid it contains, and by placing the bottle out of the reach of children.

Transform bottles into decorative objects

Are you looking for original ideas to give a second life to your empty wine bottles? Transform them into magnificent interior decorations! From colorful bottles to chic carafes, discover our tips for a romantic or sunny decor. With a little creativity, your glass bottles will become real centerpieces of your decoration.

Don't let these bottle bottoms collect dust in your bottle racks. Instead, transform them into stylish and original pieces with a few simple ideas.

For those who love DIY projects, why not try creating wine bottles cut into vases or candle holders? The possibilities are endless with untouched bottles, whether transforming them into decorative objects or functional utensils.

If you're more environmentally focused, consider repurposing your empty wine bottles in creative ways. Transform them into unique creations, such as table lamps or plant holders. You will thus help to reduce waste by giving a second life to your recycled wine bottles.

Whether it's 75cl bottles, rosé bottles or any other type of wine bottle, don't just let them pile up. Put your creativity to work and discover the many ways to reuse these empty bottles to make objects that are as elegant as they are practical.

If you have pretty bottles at home and you have a creative soul, you can also choose to transform them into decorative objects . There are many ideas:

  • Create a lamp with a colored bottle or a transparent bottle to paint or decorate. You can place strings of lights inside, or install a bulb and a lampshade on the neck;
  • Make pretty vases by painting the bottle with the color of your choice;
  • Create an original terrarium by cutting the glass bottle in half. Put water in the bottom of the bottle, and tip the top of the bottle into the bottom (neck down). You can then place your plants for a beautiful decoration and well hydrated plants;
  • Make a bohemian candle holder , by pouring pretty colored sand into the bottle, and planting a candle in the neck. The candle wax then flows down the bottle, creating a very beautiful effect;
  • Make a table decoration by placing pretty elements in the bottle (flowers, light garlands, etc.);
  • Make a bird feeder by placing a pierced seed bottle in a tree;
  • Imagine a tealight holder by decorating the bottle, then placing a candle inside...

Do you have several empty wine bottles at home, and you don't know what to do with them? There are many possible solutions to give a second life to your empty wine bottle .

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