Qualité du vin, une affaire de raisins ?

Wine quality, a matter of grapes?

We all know that wine is made from grapes. But do you know if the choice of grape has an influence on the quality of the wine? Between the desire to produce the best wine, and the need to have a sufficient yield, the winemaker can tell you that the grapes have a major role in the qualities of the wines . Let's find out how.

Good grapes make good wines

If you've ever participated in a wine tasting, you know that the grape variety (the variety of grape) has a major influence on the characteristics of a wine . While certain grape varieties produce light wines, others produce sweet, aromatic, or even tannic wines.

But its role goes much further, and a grape from the same grape variety can produce wines of completely different qualities. It then depends on the quality of the grapes. Indeed, a grape variety grown in optimal conditions, with good sunshine, sufficient humidity, high temperatures and respectful growing techniques will provide grapes of better quality. And this will necessarily impact the quality of the wine.

Choices that fall to winegrowers

For a quality grape to have a positive impact than wine, the winemaker must make the right choices. From the selection of the grape variety to the viticulture methods, including the harvesting technique, each step is decided by the winemaker, and will determine the quality of the grapes.

Thus, depending on the desired final product and the expected characteristics, the choices will be different. The professional must choose the grape variety according to its geographical area, the terroir, but also the legislation, and must also define the way in which he intends to treat and cultivate his vines .

Techniques for producing good grapes

The choice of grape variety is not the only decision that influences the quality of red wines, white wines and rosé wines. Several techniques also make it possible to get the best out of the vineyard.

Calculate the best yield from the vines

Among the criteria to take into account to ensure quality vines, yield management ensures that the vines concentrate on the best bunches of grapes. In fact, this technique, the decision to apply which still rests with the winegrowers, consists of carrying out green harvests in order to remove part of the vines. The goal is then to keep all the energy of the vine on the best vines, in order to produce more quality grapes, but in smaller quantities.

Preserve the vines from diseases

Throughout its development, which lasts several months, the vine can be confronted with numerous parasites which can weaken growth and reduce the qualities of the grapes. These pests include frost, rot, drought and disease. The role of the winegrower is then to protect the vines from these scourges , in order to ensure that they produce tasty fruits, with sweet and intense grape juice.

Taking care of the grapes during the harvest

The final stage of viticulture, the harvest is the culmination of long months of work. It would be a shame to ruin everything by harvesting roughly, which would damage the bunches of grapes, or by harvesting too prematurely or too late. The winegrower must then determine the harvest date by ensuring a ripe harvest, and choose the least invasive technique ( manual harvest or mechanical harvest ).

Alexis Cornu, the oenologist of the Château de Berne estate

At the Berne estate, we work hard to produce very high quality grapes , which will transmit all the richness of the terroir in the wines of the different vintages. And it is up to Alexis Cornu, the estate's oenologist, to observe the vineyard and make the decisions that will allow the vines to fully flourish.

From the choice of wine grape varieties, to the selection of viticulture techniques, and up to the crucial moment of the harvest, the estate's passionate oenologist puts all his know-how at the service of the vineyard, and allows each year to produce exceptional red wines, white wines and rosé wines.

The quality of the grapes is essential to produce a good bottle of wine. We then understand all the care that winegrowers take to make them grow and evolve. And to truly see such work, why not go directly to the vineyards for a complete tour of the Berne vineyards ?

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