Préparer les apéritifs de l'été avec le Château de Berne

Prepare summer aperitifs with Château de Berne

What a joy, every summer, to be able to take advantage of the beautiful sunny days and long summer evenings to enjoy your loved ones and relax. And to fully experience these moments of relaxation, an aperitif is almost a must! So discover the products of Château de Berne for your summer aperitifs .

In summer, it's back to aperitifs with loved ones!

Whether with family or friends, any opportunity is good to have an aperitif ! In France, it is almost a tradition, since more than 80% of French people indulge in this little pleasure regularly. And if this convivial moment is organized all year round, it is even more appreciated in summer. It must be said that vacation time and good weather help you relax and disconnect from everyday life.

Traditionally, the aperitif consists of a drink (often alcoholic, to be consumed in moderation) and small treats based on local products, such as biscuits, spreads, or even cold meats or cheese. Nowadays, the summer aperitif takes other turns, and we appreciate the more hearty dinner aperitif, or the more original aperitif, based on cherry tomatoes, crunchy vegetables and the best dip recipes.

To add a touch of lightness to your summer aperitif, explore Provençal cuisine with light and refined starters. Opt for a delicious dried tomato cake, a tasty eggplant caviar or crispy eggplant puffs, original recipe ideas to accompany your favorite drink. These summer appetizers are perfect to accompany your favorite drink. Also add a note of freshness to your menu with artichoke cream, a delicious and traditional vegetarian idea that will delight your guests.

Awaken your taste buds with the authentic flavors of Mediterranean cuisine during your next aperitif, and discover other delicious recipes like cherry tomato financiers and the focaccia recipe for a unique taste experience.

Get ready to dazzle your guests with irresistible summer appetizers ! Highlight the delights of the season with fresh tomatoes and cherry tomatoes, the stars of summer. To start off in style, offer seasonal products, accompanied by crunchy vegetables. Add a touch of refinement with slices of raw ham, basil leaves, and tablespoons of fromage blanc sprinkled with fleur de sel.

Opt for original creations like verrines of Greek yogurt with fine herbs, or summer cakes with vegetables. Surprise your guests with tasty rillettes made with fresh goat cheese and sesame oil. For a light base, choose cherry tomato focaccia, a seasonal must-have.

Revive your taste buds with a tomato gazpacho, a refreshing classic. Accompany everything with thin slices of white ham, pieces of country bread, and a little sauce made from crème fraîche and balsamic vinegar.

Explore the best ideas for memorable aperitifs during this beautiful season. Discover creative and traditional summer recipes that will make your convivial moments a festival of flavors.

This summer, prepare your aperitif with the Château de Berne

If you are curious to find new recipe ideas for an aperitif dinner or an aperitif with friends, Château de Berne has what you need.


An essential summer spread, tapenades are enjoyed on slices of toasted bread, and can even be accompanied by a small drizzle of olive oil, for those with a sweet tooth.

La Maison de la Tapenade then offers 3 types of tapenade:

  • Black tapenade , made from black olives;
  • Green tapenade , made from green olives;
  • Provençal tapenade , made with olives, fresh herbs and sunny vegetables.

Croquets Pistou & Parmesan AOP

The snack croquets, made by Biscuiterie de Provence , are a true ode to the Provençal terroir. The ingredients of natural and local origin are prepared using traditional manufacturing methods, and guarantee you a treat at aperitif time.

Pistou croquets , this Provençal sauce made with garlic, basil and olive oil, are enhanced with a tasty touch of AOP Parmesan.

Organic lemonades

If you prefer to drink a non-alcoholic drink during a summer aperitif, you can opt for the delicious organic lemonades from Jardins d'Élise . Produced in Vaison-la-Romaine, these artisanal lemonades come in several varieties: traditional organic lemonade , finely sparkling and very thirst-quenching, or organic ginger lemonade , more surprising and tasty.


How can you talk about a summer aperitif without mentioning Pastis? In Provence, it would almost be blasphemy not to offer it to guests. So, alongside your good bottle of rosé wine, consider serving a good Pastis from Saint-Tropez, Pastis 12/12 . Composed of a mixture of traditional plant macerate and a touch of Amaretto, this Pastis is the ideal recipe for delicious aperitifs.

Accompany your summer aperitif with our rosé wines from Provence

Of course, it's difficult to approach a summer aperitif without having a good bottle of rosé wine on hand. For a successful aperitif, Château de Berne and the various partner estates create exceptional rosé wines for you, for guaranteed moments of relaxation.

  • Sparkling rosé Berne Brut Nature: ideal for a festive aperitif, this sparkling rosé wine is fresh. It will accompany a convivial moment around light appetizers;
  • Ultimate Provence rosé 2022 - AOP Côtes de Provence: this rosé wine reveals spicy notes that work wonders with summer recipes based on seafood and fresh herbs;
  • Esprit Méditerranée rosé 2022 - IGP Méditerranée: with its sweet touch of summer fruits, this rosé wine is ideal for a friendly aperitif with friends;
  • Origin rosé 2022 - AOP Côtes de Provence: this award-winning organic rosé wine is more complex and dynamic, so it will happily accompany gourmet and spicy recipes.

And if you want to satisfy all the desires of your guests, you can also offer them a white wine or a red wine to accompany your aperitif recipes :

  • Ultimate Provence white 2021 - AOP Côtes de Provence: with its aromas of citrus and pepper, this Provençal white wine brings a beautiful freshness during an aperitif with friends based on small vegetables, toast with country bread, or even sweet verrines;
  • Terres de Berne red 2020 - AOP Côtes de Provence: more unexpected as an aperitif, this red wine from Provence surprises with its fruity aromas, spices and menthol hint. It will highlight a tapenade, fresh tomatoes or Mediterranean recipes.

Summer is finally here, with its beautiful sunny days and long evenings. Take the opportunity to meet your loved ones around a good glass of rosé wine and Mediterranean delicacies , during a friendly aperitif made in Provence.

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