Pendaison de crémaillère : comment choisir votre vin ?

Housewarming: how to choose your wine?

At a housewarming party, wine is always a guest of choice. A festive drink par excellence, it allows the host to celebrate their new move with their guests, but a good bottle of wine is also a perfect gift to wish for a good arrangement. On one side or the other, the important thing is to choose the right wine for a housewarming party . We guide you.

4 tips for giving wine at a housewarming party

Moving into a new house or apartment is always a great occasion that we celebrate by giving a gift. And if we are used to offering furniture, household appliances or interior decoration, why not add your personal touch by offering a bottle of wine ? To choose well, you will need to take several criteria into account:

  • Choose the wine according to the tasting: to pop the cork and party in a good mood, opt for a sparkling wine , such as a rosé champagne. On the other hand, to accompany a meal, pay attention to the food and wine pairing , and choose light red wines, rosé wines or white wines;
  • Choose the wine based on when it will be drunk: if the wine is not intended to be drunk right away, simply base it on your friend's tastes . If you don't know them, light red wine is always an ideal gift;
  • Stand out from other guests: most guests will consider bringing a festive wine, such as sparkling wine. Then choose a more original gift , such as a still, refreshing and light wine;
  • Offer a wine box : if you don't have details about the meal, the time of tasting, or personal information about your host, you can also opt for a gift box with several different wines.

Celebrate a housewarming with the perfect gift: a beautiful bottle of wine wrapped in a beautiful gift box. Opt for the extraordinary French vineyard with gift boxes of wines from the best estates. Offer exceptional wines with spicy, vanilla, or fine peach notes. Explore varietal wines, natural wines or reserve wines.

Choose an original gift box to impress wine lovers and mark this joyous celebration. Or, choose a beautiful bottle of chilled rosé like the Rosé Prestige vintage from our beautiful wine region of Provence. It's a great gift idea that will delight your friends.

Discover boxes of fine wines, perfect for toasting a new apartment, for example. Moreover, with carefully selected bottles, each box offers a unique sensory experience. Surprise your guests with wines from our beautiful vineyards and let yourself be transported by the notes of spices or even red fruits.

Our selection of wines for housewarmings

Choosing which bottles of wine to give for a housewarming party is not always easy. To be sure not to make a mistake, we give you several gift ideas

The ideal gift box

It is not always easy to choose wines based on individual tastes. Why not aim big by offering a gift box made up of 3 bottles of wine ? The Berne Inspiration 3-bottle box is composed of a bottle of white wine, a bottle of rosé wine and a bottle of red wine. The perfect opportunity to discover the variety of the Provence terroir.

You can also decide to offer a box of wines of the same color, such as the 3 bottle Berne rosé box . This allows you to discover the diversity of rosé wines from Provence, and to satisfy all palates.

Wine bottles

The bottle of wine is a sure bet for a housewarming party. Whether you know your host well or not, our selection will satisfy most guests.

You can then opt for the traditional sparkling , but bringing the original touch of English wine, whether with the Champagne Brut Lanson cuvée and its fruity taste, the Harlot Brut white, the Harlot Brut sparkling rosé, or the Silver Reign sparkling white.

As for still wines, you can opt for a rosé wine that is easy to drink and pair with a meal, such as Ultimate Provence, an AOP Côtes de Provence rosé in Jeroboam version for large tables. White wine is also a safe source for a light, refreshing drink, like the elegant Ultimate Provence white . Finally, for a more gourmet meal, opt for a generous red wine , like the Ultimate Provence red vintage in 2019.

Any opportunity is good to uncork a good bottle. So, if you have just moved into a new house, you now know which wine to serve to your guests for your housewarming party !

Our selection of wines

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