oenotourisme en Provence

Oenotourism in Provence: Exceptional landscapes and wines

Provence is often synonymous with relaxation, sun, magnificent landscapes and cicadas. Local products also make the authenticity of Provencal gastronomy. If you like olives and southern cuisine, you will enjoy accompanying these dishes with a good glass of wine. Then go for an experience ofOenotourism in Provence, on the road to exceptional wines and breathtaking landscapes.

The unique landscapes of Provence

Major inspiration of many artists, the Provencal landscape is a real invitation to calm and appeasement. The songs of the cicadas will punctuate your stay, and you will discover a landscape with a thousand facets. The contrast between the high reliefs and the coastline offers a palette of warm and sunny colors, ideal for a stay full of discovery, but also conducive to Viticultural areas and the culture of olive trees.

Inspire deeply, and let yourself be guided by the smells of lavender, rosemary, thyme and rosemary, pushed by the Mistral, this powerful wind typical of Provence.

The blue of the sky offers a nice contrast to the green of the vegetation, and a magnificent gradient with the Mediterranean Sea. Enough to have full eyes!

A rich and generous Provencal land

Enjoy a weekend or a short or long stay in the Provence vineyard To meet Provencal traditions and warm residents with singing accent.

Provence market: an ancestral tradition

Nothing better than a quick tour of the market to dive into the Provencal tradition. Located in the heart of small villages, where installed in the big cities of Var, Bouches-du-Rhône and Alpes-Maritimes, each market invites you to gluttony. An essential opportunity to discover the Local specialties, like olives, figs, almonds, nougat, goat cheese, or honey. So many Mediterranean flavors that will delight you throughout your stay, and even after.

The Rosé wine of Provence: the emblem of the region

Known and recognized worldwide, the Rosé wine from Provence seduces more and more. Whether you are an experienced novice or consumer amateur, the Provençal rosé offers such a diversity of aromas that it is impossible to be disappointed. Carved or light wine, fruity or floral, all tastes are in Provence. You will find a wide selection of rosy wines, from the different grape varieties, and carrying different labels, the best known of which are theAOC Côtes de Provence, the AOC Bandol, or the AOC Coteaux Varois in Provence.

A cuisine with sunny flavors

Impossible to pass a stay in Provence Without being tempted by Provencal gastronomy. The sun is invited on your plate, with tasty fruits and vegetables and flavor -rich herbs. Let yourself be tempted by tapenade, ratatouille, or even aioli, and accompany them with a good rosé wine, to fully enjoy the riches of Provence.

Provencal folklore: small villages and traditions

Life in the heart of Provence is almost an art of living. For a complete immersion in this special atmosphere, a visit to the small Provencal villages is essential. Walk in streets where life turns idling, punctuated by the song of the cicadas, the seasons cycle, and the heat of the sun. Take advantage of the charm of the places and the sweetness of life they inspire, and lose yourself in the winding alleys as authentic as they are warm.

Country of celebration and tradition, Provence regularly hosts friendly events, highlighting patron saints or important moments in Provencal life: vine festival, corso flower, bravado, 13 desserts ... do not hesitate to anticipate your stay of oenotourism By taking note of the different dates.

A terroir conducive to the culture of the vineyard

Far from villages and tourist sites, the Provençal vineyard stretches as far as the eye can see. Taking advantage of the Mediterranean climate and clay or limestone soils, the vine flourishes over the seasons, giving a sweet and tasty grape conducive to the manufacture of wine. Visit areas, cellars and cellars, at the Discovery of Provence wines, exceptional drinks that only the Provençal terroir and the know-how of Provencal winegrowers can offer.

Lover of good wines, theOenotourism in Provence stands out as an ideal vacation in the heart of the vines. Between cellar and vineyard visits, and stroll in the heart of Provencal riches, your stay will put your eyes in your eyes, and full of taste buds!

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