Les meilleurs accessoires pour équiper sa cave à vin

The best accessories to equip your wine cellar

All wine lovers and collectors of good bottles dream of having a wine cellar. Much more than a simple storage space, it ensures the preservation of fine wines and small vintages, and is also appreciated for its design. Discover all the wine cellar accessories that will optimize the storage of your bottles.

What is the point of having a wine cellar at home?

Wine is a living product, which can be very sensitive to the slightest variations in temperature, humidity, or even light. This is essentially why wine lovers invest in a wine cellar for their personal stock of good bottles. Storage in a wine cellar then offers ideal conservation conditions and has many advantages:

  • The quality of the wine is preserved , because it does not deteriorate under the action of light or heat. Temperature and humidity can be adjusted to be even and constant, and the glass door protects against UV rays;
  • The wine is protected from vibrations, particularly red wines, whose sediments can degrade the wine if they cannot settle to the bottom;
  • The organization of wine bottles is simpler, it is then easier to find a vintage, and to manage the different bottles according to the aging potential;
  • The possibilities for improving your cellar are great, especially thanks to accessories. Among these accessories, the pour spout, sliding rails, display boxes, and other accessory choices are mandatory fields to consider when configuring cellars. Furthermore, having optimal storage conditions allows you to invest in more expensive grands crus, without fearing that they will deteriorate. You can then perfect your knowledge of oenology by tasting very good bottles.

In summary, in addition to the main functionalities related to the preservation of wine quality, a well-equipped wine cellar offers practical solutions for organization, access to bottles, elimination of bad odors, and offers the possibility to fully appreciate the different types of bottles.

Cellar items, such as specific accessories, display crates, steel shelves, pull-out shelves, carbon filters, cellar shelves, and pour spouts, play a vital role in configuring custom cellars, providing a complete experience for wine enthusiasts.

The different types of accessories for wine cellars

Whatever model of cellar you have, it is always possible to add certain accessories to improve the storage conditions of your best bottles of wine.

  • The storage shelf : the storage shelves, or storage shelves, allow you to organize and keep the different bottles in the best possible way in the aging cellar or the service cellar;
  • The presentation shelf : the presentation shelves, or exhibition shelves, are specially designed to showcase the bottles in the cellar. This accessory is particularly interesting for aging cellars or service cellars with transparent glazing;
  • The label clip : this wine cellar accessory allows you to mark the name of wines and better organize storage. This careful approach to storage helps maintain order and legibility within your cellar.
  • The covering frame and the handles: these cellar accessories are purely aesthetic, and allow you to personalize the design of the cellar;
  • The carbon filter : the carbon filters make it possible to renew the air in the bottle storage space, and thus maintain optimal conservation conditions;
  • Lava stone : lava stones are materials used to regulate and maintain humidity levels at an optimal level.

In summary, whether you opt for storage shelves, display shelves, carbon filters or other choices of accessories, adding these specific elements to your wine cellar will significantly improve the conservation conditions of your wines. precious bottles, allowing you to make the most of your oenological passion.

Wine cellar accessories are all elements that allow you to optimize the storage conditions of your best bottles of wine. All you have to do is discover our bottles of Provence wine in our online store to expand your cellar.

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