Les cinq meilleurs pays pour faire de l’œnotourisme

The best five countries to make wine tourism

To halfway between cultural tourism and gastronomic tourism, wine tourism is above all meetings. But it is also a set of services concerning tourist stays in wine regions allowing the discovery of wines, terroirs and men that shape them. Oenotourism is to discover the world from another angle of view.


Wine tourism in France.

In the field of wine tourism, France is probably the country which offers the most varied offer in this area. A study carried out by the AFIT (French Association of Tourist Engineering) in 1999 revealed The interest of French and foreign tourists For wine tourism. It was largely the starting point of the actions carried out since to develop reception in the properties and complementary structures such as guest rooms, lodges, hotels, restaurants and leisure activities focused on vineyards.

According to the association, One in five French people, or 20 %, chooses the destination of her vacation because she is wine. Regarding foreign visitors, some 40 % choose to come to France "also" for its wines and gastronomy, including 29 % exclusively for wine and gastronomy.

Wine tourism in France represents some Ten milk oenotourism cellars which welcome around ten million visitors a year and, for several years, many initiatives have been created, whether on the part of elected officials, regions, municipalities, unions or the winegrowers themselves, which should further advance these figures.

The most structured regions to offer good wine tourism experience are today Burgundy, Bordeaux and Alsace, but over time, the other wine regions such as Provence, the Loire Valley and the other S 'organize to provide tourists with high quality offer.

For your next vacation, go, you too travel the Routes des Vins de France.

Oenotourism in Spain.

As one of the main producer countries From wines to the world, Spain has, of course, its place in the wine tourism sector. You can, as in France, discover the roads of wines and explore Rich and varied wine landscapes.

Renovation of cellars, providing visits to vines, various activities relating to wine… The Rioja This is one of those Spanish regions which have chosen to develop through wine tourism. With the mastery of the know-how of their predecessors, the winegrowers have been able to combine Modernization of techniques production and development of the diversity of their wine tourism offers.

In Spain as in France, the various production regions are very different, both in terms of soil and climate, which Promotes production a wide range of wines. If you choose, for example, to discover Catalonia, you will have the opportunity to taste the sparkling wines of the Penedés, between Barcelona and Tarragona.

In the Rias Baixas, the sweet whites, in the Rioja, The prestigious wines or the famous Crianza and Reserva from Navarre.

Oenotourism in Italy.

Another essential wine destination in the world for its wines, Italy. From north to south, the vine is omnipresent. The country is one of the Ten agrotouristic destinations And wine tourism given the attraction of cities rich in art and culture like those of Tuscany, Umbria or even Veneto.

Go explore Tuscany in the Chianti region on the Siena side and other coastal destinations such as the Grosseto or Livorn region. The Aosta Valley and the Lake Garda There are no stupid treasures to discover, just like Sicily and Lombardy.

Oenotourism in Australia.

On the Australia side, wine tourism is mainly organized Around gastronomy, Spas and hotel complexes. We find the Large Australian wine regions Close to four major cities such as Perth, Adélaïde, Melbourne and Sydney, which is a major geographical asset.

The largest number of vineyards is in the Adelaide region where most wine areas have their own restaurant, offering quality cuisine, but only open for lunch.

Oenotourism in Chile.

The country is not yet sufficiently structured on its wine tourism offer, however, the richness of landscapes and vineyards deserves to classify it among the best destinations.

Incredible landscapes, high -quality wines and wines make chili a wonderful destination for wine lovers. Santiago is the ideal starting point for crisscrossing the Wine Route and exploring some 126,000 hectares of vines, or roughly The equivalent of the Bordeaux region. The development of reception in the vineyard has become a considerable issue for the population.

In the Chilean vineyard, it is the Brazilians who represent half of the foreign wine tourists, but the French also greatly appreciate its wild landscapes, the richness of its history and its wines.

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