Laissez-vous emporter par la cuisine créative du chef de notre restaurant gastronomique en Provence

Let yourself be carried away by the creative cuisine of the chef of our gourmet restaurant in Provence

With originality and daring, traditional cuisine can take an amazing turn, as refined as it is tasty. This is the culinary experience that you invite you to live the Gourmet restaurant in Provence The Garden of Bern. Discover the creative cuisine of the star chef.

A gourmet restaurant in Provence: Le Jardin de Berne

Everywhere in France, the gourmet restaurants shine by their originality and their know-how. The Bern Garden is one of the establishments that honor the treasures of Provence.

The exceptional setting of the 1 -star restaurant in Lorgues

Welcome to the field of Bern, in Provence, in an enchanting setting where nature imposes its most beautiful attires. To come to the gourmet restaurant, you will follow the beauties of the estate: vines, olive trees and lush forests will offer you and will immerse you in a beat of cil in the Typical and authentic setting of Provence.

It is here, in the heart of this greenery, that the Bern garden will open its doors to you. You will enjoy a Exceptional meal, in a peaceful atmosphere where nature, tradition and modernity reign.

A meal on the theme of Provence and Wine

As soon as you arrive at the Château de Berne, you will not be able to escape the riches of the estate. Thereby, Wine and Provence are at the center of culinary inspirations of the chef, who skillfully plays with the treasures of nature to feast on you.

You will then have all the freedom to discover a wine menu Majestic, and the sommelier will be able to offer you wise advice for a perfect dish and perfect wine agreement. The privilege will obviously be given to the wines produced on the estate, such as the Château de Berne, or the Land of Berne, which will marry perfectly with the flavors of Provencal cuisine. But you can also be tempted by a Var wine, like Château Saint-Roux or Ultimate Provence, unless you prefer to taste a wine from elsewhere.

Why not push the experience by finishing your meal with a visit to the vineyard and cellars, or by tasting the wines of the estate, guided by an informed oenologist?

Discover the creative cuisine of the chef of our gourmet restaurant in Provence

But let's focus first on the kitchen of starred restaurant The Bern Garden. Here, the senses are alert and the pâmois papillae, thanks to the exceptional culinary experience invited to live with chef Louis Rameau and his team.

A passionate and committed leader

Considering the Domaine de Bern as a huge playground, the star chef Louis Rameau draws his inspiration from the natural environment, and in particular from the vegetable garden, the vines and the olive grove. He then managed to sublimate local products, to imagine tasty dishes, both simple and authentic.

Bearer of strong values, dear to the Château de Berne, the chef undertakes to offer menus in total respect with the environment. From organic vegetable to seasonal products, everything is done to delight the guests without distorting the ingredients. L'eco-responsible commitment the chef and the whole gourmet restaurant could thus be rewarded for a Green star by the Michelin guide.

A tasty meal, from entrance to dessert

If the Bern garden, this Provencal star gourmet restaurant, manages to imagine and design such tasty menus, it is also thanks to the participation of pastry chef Éric Raynal, and the baker Ludovic Bernard. These two enthusiasts transmit their love of good things through desserts, breads and other pastries as tasty as originally. Between traditions and innovations, the chefs compete in ingenuity to put succulent recipes à la carte, where the ingredients are brilliantly magnified.

All the Berne kitchens teams work in harmony to offer, every season, Exceptional menus, like the warm setting of the star restaurant.

A cuisine like the magical framework of the Berne estate

When the harmony is created between the content of the plate, the decor of the premises, and the quality of the service, one can only be carried by the sweetness of a Lunch or a unique dinner. The Berne Garden offers you both an idyllic setting, refined cuisine and impeccable service, for an unforgettable meal.

So why not make the pleasure last by taking advantage of the other services in the Berne estate? You can then make a little digestive ride In the immense estate, take advantage of the Spa of the Five Worlds to relax, or even occupy a room in the5-stars hotel luxury and exceptional charm. The most curious will be able to visit the vineyard and the cellars, while the most athletic will enjoy the fitness room or the swimming pool with swimming against the current. At the Berne estate, everything is thought of for the well-being and satisfaction of each.

At the bend of vineyards and olive groves, the Berne garden welcomes you in a green setting. Book your table now in our Gourmet restaurant in Provence, and treat yourself to an exceptional meal where nature is in the spotlight.

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