La route des vins du sud-ouest

The Southwest Wine Route

The southwest wine region is located between the Pyrenees in the south, Bordeaux to the north and the Atlantic Ocean to the west.

It brings together vineyards that are part of older in France. Long under the Bordeaux authority, the wines of this region are today recognized for their qualities top of the line And for the abundance of varieties of grape varieties which make it a real ampélographic museum.

This is the only geographical area where there is such diversity of varieties, some of which are ancestral. Manseng, Tannat, Negrette, Duras, Far-de-L'oeil, Mauzac, Fer-Servadou, Arrufiac, Raffiat de Moncade or Camaralet de Lasseube among others, all these grape varieties give wines a authenticity And a typicity as well as a very wide range of types and colors: dry or sweet white, effervescent, tender or vinous rosés, light or guarding red.

This wealth makes the southwest a unique region of gastronomy and tradition

The names of southwest wines.

The vast southwest vineyard invites you to courses Remarkable oenological.

From the Spanish border to Aveyron, passing through the Toulouse region, Cahors or Bergerac, the trip promises great discoveries. He's regouping Four main areas that are the Bergerac and Duras, the Piedmont of the Massif Central, the Middle Garonne and the Pyrenean Piedmont.

In the first named, you find ten appellations: Le Bergerac, le Côtes-de-Bergerac, Monbazillac, Montravel, Côtes-de-Montravel, Haut-Montravel, Pécharmant, Rosette, Saussignac and Côtes-de-Duras . Take advantage of the Bergerac to visit the city of Bergerac and its house of wines as well as Monbazillac and its delicious sweet wine. In the Côtes-de-Duras and Marmandais: Duras and the Berticot cellar, but also Marmande.

Then come the seven appellations of Piedmont of the Massif Central What are the Côtes-de-Millau, Cahors, Gaillac, Vins-d'Estaing, Entraygues-le-Fel, Marcillac and Les Coteaux-du-Quercy.

Take advantage of Cahors vineyard, one of the oldest in France, gastronomy and local landscapes, but also in Gaillacois where one produces a wine among the best in the Southwest while taking advantage of visiting the city of Gaillac and especially the magnificent medieval city of Cordes-sur-Ciel.

Continue your journey by visiting The average Garonne and its five appellations: Buzet, Fronton, Brulhois, Les Côtes-du-Marmandais and Saint-Sardos.

Visit Pediment and his Interesting architectural heritage rich in historical memories or the Côtes-du-Marmandais located on dominant green hillsides on the two banks of the Garonne.

Finally, The Pyrenean Piedmont and its eight names: the Floc-de-Gascogne, the Bearn, I'Irouléguy, the Jurançon, the Madiran, the Pacherenc-du-Vic-Bilh, the Tursan and Saint-Mont.

Take advantage of land of The Lower River, Natural region Gascon to the north of the Hautes-Pyrénées department and southwest of Gers, in the middle of the Adour and taste the Madiran. 

Stop discovering The Jurançon, on the side of the hillsides, facing the Pyrenees, where we produce dry white or fluffy white wines, on an often very steep terroir and whose exploitation of the vine is done on the terrace or amphitheater.

the Irouléguy vineyard, its sumptuous landscapes and the only Basque name, at the gates of Spain where you discover the city of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, then also the Aveyronnais around Marcillac and its renowned AOC.

Some routes:

Cahors roads, from this magnificent city whose cathedral deserves a visit, you will take great pleasure in following a route which offers a superb view of the lot. Then, you go to Parnac where the cooperative cellar of Côtes-d'Olet was at the origin of the renewal of the Cahors. Then you discover Cambayrac, Albas, Grézels, Puy-l'Evêque, then Luzech, Caillac and his castle Lagrézette, producer of prestigious cuvées.

On the Jurançon road, in Artiguelouve, you can enjoy an excellent Jurançon at Pierre Sabot, this sweet, soft or dry white wine. Then come Laroin, La Chapelle-de-Rousse, Gan and its cooperative cellar then Lasseube. You finish in Monein and his brotherhood of Jurançon.

On the roads of Gascogne, from Buzet to Nérac, enjoy about twenty kilometers from a vineyard which follows the course of the Garonne and where we distill Armagnac. Then browse fifty kilometers from the Pomarède castle to Condom, in the heart of Armagnac. This route leads you by Mézin and its cork museum and cork, Poudenas, Fourcès, Séviac, Gallo-Roman villa, Larresingle to arrive in Condom.

The country of the Lower River, on the road to the Madiran and its seventy-five kilometers from Saint-Mont, to discover the AOC Madiran, the Saint-Mont and Pacherenc-du-Bilh, your route takes you to Go through Maumusson-Laguian, Aydie, Crouseilles, Madiran, Plaisance to arrive at Terms-d'Armagnac.

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