La route des vins du Jura

The Jura Wine Route

Vineyard located only in The Jura Department, you can find grape varieties unique in the world over a hundred kilometers from north to south, crossing the entire department of Salins-les-Bains to the north, in Saint-Amour south.


Composed of local and other grape varieties from Burgundy, these terroirs are the cradle of atypical wines, like yellow wine, a unique white from the Savagnin grape, very dry and with an exceptional childcare capacity, the Macvin, a red or white liqueur wine that can be appreciated as an aperitif, Sweetly straw wine or the Crémant du Jura.

This vineyard with rugged geology, close to that of Haute Burgundy and located on the other side of the Saône valley, takes up residence on the slopes which descend from the first plateau of the Jura Monts to the plain. There are the terroirs most favorable In hillsides between 250 and 400 meters above sea level.


Local grape varieties, such as the Poulsard, little tannic red grape giving light rosés and red reds, or the trousseau, another local grape that offers more reds Colorful and rich in tannins, are very well suited to the clay soils of the department.

In addition to the first grape varieties mentioned, there is also Pinot Noir, usually assembled in the trousseau in the reds as well as in black sparklingers. Chardonnay, another Burgundian grape, brings its generous bouquet to whites, dry and sparkling.

The appellations of Jura wines.

We can find six names of Jura wine: theArbois, Château-Chalon, them Côtes-du-Jura, the Crémant-du-Jura, The star and the Macvin-du-Jura.

Product with Chardonnay and Savagnin grape varieties, the white wine of the Jura is cut into two categories that are, for the first, the floral, more subtle and refined, and for the second, the "tradition", more powerful category.

Regarding the former, winegrowers practice Essaying technique which consists in filling the void left by the natural evaporation of the wine in the barrel so as to avoid contact with the air.

To obtain the latter, on the contrary, the wine remains in contact with the air, which reveals a thin layer of yeasts on the surface giving wines to the more intense aromas in which the power of Savagnin and The finesse of Chardonnay. Yellow wine, unparalleled and otherwise called gold from the Jura, owes its name to its Intense golden color

Developed exclusively with Savagnin, it is raised in oak barrels for at least six years and three months to reach this divine nectar, mixing aromas of nuts, hazelnuts, almonds and spices. Then, it is put in a 62 cl bottle called the Clavelin. This is actually the volume that corresponds to what remains of a liter of Savagnin after its bastard in barrels.

The Macvin du Jura, a liquor wine that can be enjoyed both in the aperitif and dessert, is an assembly of Grape must and Marc of the Jura. It is a mutated wine that is obtained by adding brandy from the start of fruit fermentation. This assembly then goes to minimum ten months in barrels. The Macvin can be three colors and offers aromas of spices, honey or dried fruit.

Discovering Jura wines.


On a course of about forty-five kilometers having for departure from Arc-et-Senans, you start by visiting The famous royal saline, classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and magnificent witness to industrial architecture of 18e century.

You continue your journey to Salins-les-Bains and its great saline as well as its salt museum Then, then comes Montigny-lès-Arsures, historic city of Pasteur. You continue your way to Arbois, the city of the Jura vineyard and the domains of the Henri Mayor, Jacques Tissot or even Rolet Father and son among others.

Next come the wine -growing fruit and the Pécauld castle housing the wine and vine museum. You continue your journey towards Pupillin, capital of the Red Poulsard grape variety, then towards Poligny, The County Capital

From Poligny in Lons-le-Saunier, it is a route of about forty-five kilometers that awaits you and makes you pass through St Lothain, Passemans, Château-Chalon and its AOC Yellow wine with great renowned, Voyeur and Le Vernois , place rich in many high quality areas.

Then, you arrive at the Château d'Arlay which produces a red made in particular of Pinot Noir and wine estate of the Laguiche family, and then continue towards the AOC Star which produces white wines. Lons-le-Saunier will be the end of your trip where you can visit The city's winegrowers' museum.

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