La route des vins de Corse

The Corsican Wine Route

A mountain in the sea, a terroir with any other, the island of Beauty And its very particular topography offers an incalculable number of slopes and hillsides, multiple microclimates thanks to the proximity of the mountains and valleys as well as a poverty of the soils from which the vine benefits.

The Corsican vineyard enjoys a exceptional situation, between sea and mountains, close to the coast and runs around the island. This terroir benefits from a Mediterranean climate and a sunshine of some three hours a year, over an area of ​​approximately 6,200 hectares spread over nine appellations and a IGP.

The names of Corsica wines.

The Corsican vineyard is made up of Nine controlled original appellations (AOC), among which in the first place the Patrimonio since 1968, but also the AOC Ajaccio, Corsica Calvi, Corse Coteaux du Cap-Corse, Corsica Porto-Vecchio, Corsica Figari, the AOC Corse Sartène, the Corsican Muscat AOC- Corsica and the Corsican Wine AOC.

Without omitting The protected geographic indication (IGP) Island Beauty completing the production of wines from the region. Corsica has a real treasure with no less than thirty-three varieties of vines.

The typicity of its wines finds root in the adequacy of the island with its grape varieties made up of imported varieties and of Aboriginal grape varieties Not found on the continent.

Six of them are distinguished as being the most represented: the Sciaccarellu and the Niellucci, cultivated to offer typical red and rosé wines, very majority, or the Vermentinitin in white, but also the Aleaticu, the Biancu Gentile and the Muscat small grains.


To The discovery of Corsica wines.


The Wine Route of the Island of Beauty leads you from the Cape Corse Coteaux to the North to Porto-Vecchio and Figari to the south, via Calvi and Ajaccio.

Number of properties welcome you and make you taste their wines, discover their vinification methods and tell you their story, theEUR inheritance and their values.

You will fall under the breathtaking charm of landscapes from the region and will undoubtedly succumb to the pleasures of its gastronomy by tasting a lonzu, a prisuttu or even a brocciu cheese.

A very rich cultural heritage The same is true to discover during your journey in the heart of the vineyards. Some sites that you will not fail to visit: the cities of Bastia, Bonifacio or Patrimonio among others. But also the port of Centuri, the Tower of Macinaggio, the Calvi citadel, the Gulf of Saint-Laurent ... and many more.


Walks in the Corsican vineyard.


Follow the Wine Route along the coastline and discover some routes of a journey rich in discoveries and in oenological emotions, gastronomic and cultural.

At the start of Cap Corse, over fifty kilometers, from Luri to Macinaggio, to discover Pino, Centuri, One of the most beautiful villages From Cap Corse, Rogliano, Tumino with its incomparable panorama then, to finish your ride, Macinaggio, its port and its seaside resort.

North of the island of beauty, The Patrimonio vineyard Will be your starting point to travel around sixty kilometers, from Saint-Florent to Patrimonio via Oletta.

Over a distance of around sixty kilometers also, The Balagne vineyard will take you from Calvi to Lavatoggio. Be sure to visit the Calvi Lumio citadel, the convent of Corbara, Pigna, Sant'Antonino and Feliceto.

Over forty-six kilometers, since The Porto-Vecchio vineyard Until Solenzara.
To appreciate a slightly longer route to do in two stages, the vineyards of Ajaccio and Sartène for the first fifty kilometers, from Sagone to Porticcio, and after a break, about ninety kilometers from Porticcio to Sartène .

Stop discovering the Family Terra di Catoni domain For an immersive visit to a property that has been able to renew itself to offer surprising wines. You can discover it and Participate in the work of the vine in this idyllic framework. The Domaine also offers you the visit of its steep 4 × 4 vineyard as well as tastings in the cellar. You will spend a unforgettable moment On the terrace for a lunch around local specialties accompanied by a food and wine agreement from their production.

For a last exceptional visit: the Clos Canarelli where you will discover an exceptional vinification in traditional amphora.

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