La Provence : un terroir extraordinaire pour une cuisine d'exception

Provence: an extraordinary terroir for exceptional cuisine

With its sun, its beaches and its songs of cicadas, Provence is a region where life is good and where the French art of living translates into relaxation and good gastronomy. It must be said that this sunny region is ideal for cooking colorful and tasty dishes, which we cannot do without. Let's discover the richness of Provençal cuisine .

Healthy cuisine where vegetables rule the roost

When we think of a Provençal plate, we immediately imagine a colorful dish, filled with beautiful tomatoes, aromatic herbs, eggplant, not forgetting garlic. It must be said that Provençal cuisine highlights southern vegetables . But if sunny recipes make us salivate today, the history of Provençal cuisine is not so encouraging. Indeed, if vegetables are so present in Provence dishes, it is mainly because in the past, meat was much too expensive. The inhabitants then took advantage of the fertile lands and the Mediterranean climate to produce generous quantities of vegetables.

As a main course, enjoy a succulent eggplant preparation, garnished with black olives and generous drizzles of oil, accompanied by a touch of fresh cheese. And to top off the meal, savor the delights of Provençal desserts drizzled with a few spoonfuls of good oil, a real feast for the taste buds.

Provencal recipes based on vegetables

Today, there is no shortage of Provencal vegetable-based specialties : anchoïade, panisse, green or black tapenade, Provençal-style tomatoes, vegetable tian...

Provençal sauce, an essential Provençal specialty, enhances regional dishes with its authentic blend of herbs and spices, bringing a sunny touch to each tasting.

Eggplant papeton

If eggplant caviar is a great classic of Provencal cuisine, we are less familiar with eggplant papeton . This cooking recipe from Avignon is quite simply a delicious flan made from beaten eggs and eggplant. Served as a starter, with a Provençal tomato coulis, cold flan is a delight when accompanied by a good rosé wine from Provence.

The Provencal tian

We cannot mention the best recipes from Provence without mentioning the Provençal tian . This vegetable gratin is a traditional recipe which is made up of the same vegetables as for ratatouille. The difference ? Cooking is done in the oven, and very slowly.

Soups from Provence

Fish soup is undoubtedly one of the tastiest soup recipes in Provence. But we can also remember 2 others, less known, but just as delicious:

  • Aigo bouïdo is a soup made from garlic and boiled bay leaves or sage. Tradition then dictates that we pour this hot soup onto a slice of stale bread, previously rubbed with garlic and covered with Olive Oil;
  • Pistou soup is ideal at the end of the summer season. It includes many vegetables, such as green beans, carrots, red and white beans, zucchini, tomatoes... With a good pesto, this soup is a treat!

Provençal meat in all sauces

For a long time, meat was reserved for the nobility, but gradually, traditional Provençal cuisine was able to imagine recipes based on meat accessible to all. So, how can we not mention the traditional Provençal stew , prepared with beef and red wine?

But Provençal cuisine also includes leg of lamb, Provencal-style rabbit stew, headless larks (paupiettes), feet and packets (mutton feet and tripe marinated in a tomato and wine sauce). . All seasoned with delicious herbs from Provence , and it's happiness for our taste buds!

The treat of Provençal cheeses

To end the meal well, let's take a look at the cheeses of Provence . In this region of southern France, producers mainly make cheeses from goat's milk or sheep's milk. All you have to do is choose: Picodon, tomette with oil or herbs, Banon, Brousse... With a good rosé and fresh bread, deliciousness is guaranteed!

The restaurants of our estates: the Provençal terroir on your plate

Favoring fruits, vegetables and herbs grown on our estates, the MDCV group's restaurants develop a locavore approach, while ensuring a privileged and lasting relationship with local producers. The objective? Let you discover the best that Provence has to offer .

The restaurants of Bern Castle

Under the leadership of great, passionate chefs, the restaurants of the Domaine de Berne offer you a unique culinary experience.

The Garden of Bern

Chefs Louis Rameau and Éric Raynal work with the estate's products to offer you a poetic and unique taste experience at the Jardin de Berne . In this restaurant decorated with one star in the Michelin Guide and one green star for Sustainable Gastronomy, you will discover unique combinations and new flavors that will take you on a journey to the Provence of yesterday and today.

The pub

To experience a moment of Provençal conviviality and authenticity, the Bistrot opens its doors every day, noon and evening. This restaurant, decorated with a Bib Gourmand, offers simple and tasty traditional cuisine, to be enjoyed with family or friends, in a warm setting.

The Olive Tree of Bern

L' Olivier is the summer restaurant of the Domaine de Berne. Every summer, take advantage of its vast terrace with a view of the vineyards to soak up the unique atmosphere of Provence, and discover its sunny flavors. On the menu: sharing, conviviality and tradition.

The Ultimate Provence gourmet restaurant

In the same approach of proximity and sustainability as the Château de Berne, the Ultimate Provence estate highlights local Provençal products , rich in flavors and colors.

In this designer and modern restaurant, you will discover innovative and chic cuisine, entirely made from fresh, seasonal and local products. The UP restaurant is then the opportunity to experience a unique moment, and to discover the different wines of the estate.

Provençal cuisine is often synonymous with sunny vegetables and fresh salads. However, there is no shortage of traditional cooking recipes, and are accompanied, for our greatest pleasure, by the best wines of Provence .

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