L’œnotourisme et ses activités incontournables

Wine tourism and its essential activities

Explore the vineyards of our regions, exchange with winegrowers to know and understand all the secrets of their profession, discover new wines and the lands on which they are cultivated, wine tourism is a hobby that offers a very wide variety of activities Around tourism and wine.


The historical origin of viticulture in France dates back to the time of theGreek colonization And wine has been, since these ancient times, an integral part of the country's culture, to the point of having the international reputation today to be the country of wine. Reputation probably deserved because the France has approximately 60,000 wine operations In 2020 according to the Ministry of Agriculture.


The exceptional diversity and multiplicity of French vineyards make our regions ideal for all those who want to enjoy wine tourism. Do not hesitate to choose wine tourism activities this summer, you will come back to it for sure.

The impact of the health crisis on wine tourism.

The health crisis has strongly impacted the wine tourism activity, forcing the actors involved in this sector to find solutions to compensate for the drop in attendance. In 2021, wine tourism struggled to resume colors with almost no foreign tourist on the horizon.

The health crisis still has harmful effects on this activity which however until 2019 had a very good dynamic and earned 4 to 5 % of market share each year. Indeed, the 2018 National Oenotourism Assizes, preceding the 2019 regional foundations, had driven a favorable and optimistic wind for the progression of the wine tourism sector, considered as a development of the future for the wine sector.

The potential of wine tourism in France.

Originally, wine tourism dates back to tourism development around the twelve wines of wines in France, including the oldest, that of Alsace wines, was inaugurated in 1953. It has since allowed promote the great vintages of the region, But also local gastronomy. Today, several million tourists are discovering these roads and their wines. In effect, some ten thousand of wine tourism cellars welcome around ten million visitors a year. They go to meet thirty-six destinations labeled vineyards & discoveries, without forgetting either Thirty-one museums and thematic sites which receive more than a million visits a year.

French tourists represent around 60 % of this audience for around 40 % of foreigners, and players in this sector are constantly diversifying the supply of activities around these roads by now offering additional activities such as wine therapy, the Gastronomy, an unusual cruise on the Garonne over the wine or even package stays.

According to the figures, first or second producer of wine worldwide and first exporter, France is also the first tourist destination in the world and undoubtedly has all the assets for the development of wine tourism, and it is very likely that She manages to attract wine lovers to these summer again this summer.


Make wine tourism this summer.


If you are looking for activities around wine tourism, there is no shortage of them. To Start with tastings of course, but also visits to domains, walks around and in vineyards, workshops and tasting lessons, stays in castles or in wine fields, cruises over the wine, wine therapy or Create your own wine bottle To name a few.

Very regularly, the exploration of regional gastronomy is included in wine tourism activities, with tasting workshops with food and wines. The choices and varieties of wine tourism activities are numerous and very enriching, if only just go to meet the winemakers and listen to them explain their professions, their techniques, tell you about their products and answer your questions.

You can also discover the environment of the vine, the terroir, the climate and the landscape and thus understand the effects that all of these elements produce on the result of the work of the winegrowers. Without forgetting, of course, the world of cellar and the vintage to understand The operation of a cellar With the channel chief or the owner of the premises.

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