Guide des cépages : tout savoir sur le cinsault

Guide to grape varieties: everything you need to know about Cinsault

Cinsault is a southern grape variety from central Provence. And if it is less and less present in these lands, winegrowers have adopted it in regions further north of France, where it remains a widely cultivated red grape variety, notably in the Rhône Valley and Languedoc-Roussillon. . There are, on average, 40,000 hectares of cinsault in France.

Cinsault is also more rarely tasted as a table grape. It then takes the name oeillade.

This grape variety from the Mediterranean coast , fond of hot climates, has different names depending on the time and region: Cinq Saou in Languedoc, Plant d'Arles, Boudalès, Bourdelas, Picardan...

In the rest of the world, Cinsault is the emblematic grape variety of South Africa, where it is blended with Pinot Noir. But it is also found in Morocco, Lebanon and Algeria.

The particularities of cinsault

In the vineyards, we recognize the cinsault by its dark green leaves and the little down that covers them underneath. The adult leaves then have 5 spherical lobes with sharp teeth. The grapes, which are quite large, are distinguished by their purplish-black color and their firm skin. In the mouth, the juicy grains are very sweet.

Although Cinsault is a grape variety of Provençal origin that is particularly resistant to drought, its great fragility must still be recognized. It buds late, it fears mildew, and for it to produce quality grapes, it must be grown at low yield, on poor soils.

Wines from Cinsault

Cinsault varietal wine is generally a wine low in nitrogen and low in acidity, which makes it a rather easy wine to drink . On the nose, the rosé and red wines reveal fruity and floral notes, and we can clearly distinguish aromas of red fruits, white flowers and peach. On the palate, its balanced and supple attack is seductive, and reveals a very pleasant flavor of dried fruits. Cinsault wines are finally fresh wines , which must be drunk young.

Several AOCs make Cinsault their main grape variety:

  • AOC Chateauneuf-du-Pape;
  • AOC Côtes du Rhône;
  • AOC Côtes de Provence;
  • AOC Languedoc...

What food and wine pairings from Cinsault?

Very fresh and light to drink, wine made from cinsault is generally enjoyed as an aperitif . In this case, don't hesitate to accompany it with a charcuterie platter. During the meal, these fruity wines work wonders with grilled meats or seafood . Finally, red wine and rosé wine made from Cinsault are summer wines that are particularly appreciated on a hot day or during a friendly barbecue.

The Cinsault grape variety produces easy-drinking wines , but they could also surprise you with oriental cuisine, Italian cuisine, or even with a good paella. To fully benefit from all the qualities of wines made from the Cinsault grape variety, you must ensure that they are served well chilled , at a temperature between 10 and 12°C.

Our wines made from Cinsault

Cinsault is a crunchy dark-skinned grape that works wonders in blends. Our Provence estates then concentrate their wine production around this discreet grape variety, and take full advantage of all its qualities to produce exceptional wines .

  • Terres de Berne rosé 2022 - AOP Côtes de Provence : this organic rosé wine reflects the richness of the Provençal terroir. The fruity aromas and citrus notes work wonders with Southern cuisine, but also with Oriental and Asian cuisine;
  • Romance rosé 2022 - IGP Méditerranée : this blend of Cinsault, Grenache, Syrah and Merlot offers a refreshing wine. The aromas of peach and apricot highlight Provençal cuisine and white meats;
  • Grande Récolte rosé 2022 - AOP Côtes de Provence : made from Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah, this rosé wine from Provence is full of deliciousness. The notes of exotic fruits, citrus and stone fruits are particularly interesting when they accompany traditional dishes from Provence;
  • Le Pigeonnier rouge 2016 - AOP Côtes de Provence : this organic wine from Domaine Saint-Roux is balanced and structured. Easy to drink, its aromas of red fruits and spices deliciously accompany cheese platters and cooked meats.

Rather discreet, Cinsault is a late grape variety that flourishes under the sun of the south of France. Our estates then draw on the riches of this grape variety to produce fresh and very pleasant wines to drink , in all seasons.

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