grande cuvée du domaine de Berne

The great vintage of the Berne estate

Large wine estates often produce several vintages. Château de Berne is no exception, and to appeal to lovers of prestigious wines, the estate's winegrowers have developed the Grande Cuvée du Château de Berne , a high-end wine available in 3 colors.


Château de Berne the Grande Cuvée

Flagship product of Château de Berne, the emblematic Grande Cuvée is presented in the estate's iconic square bottle. Available in red wine, rosé wine and white wine, the cuvée is vinified and aged in oak barrels, and reveals all the minerality of the Provençal terroir of Bern.

This finely crafted gastronomic wine presents a rare aromatic complexity and a lot of character, which gives the presence of the Grande Cuvée de Berne .


At Château de Berne, the Grande Cuvée is a wine from Provence in AOC Côtes de Provence , an appellation of controlled origin renowned for its rosé wines. However, the Château de Berne wine estate also expresses its know-how by offering exceptional red wines and white wines.


Since 2021, the Grande Cuvée de Berne wine has been an organic wine certified AB (Organic Agriculture).


Rosé Château de Berne Grande Cuvée

The Grande Cuvée rosé from Château de Berne is recognized each year by critics for its fresh and fruity expression of the Provençal terroir (gold medal 2020 and 2021 at the Concours des Vins de Provence, 92 and 93/100 at Wine Enthusiast).

We discover a pretty brilliant color, in light shades of peach and salmon, and an intense and lively nose of stone fruits, citrus fruits, exotic fruits and light spices.

On the palate, the aromas of the Grande Cuvée Rosé de Berne are fruity, with a floral finish perfect to accompany grilled fish, traditional Provençal dishes, or even sunny vegetables.

The estate's winegrowers then use 4 black grape varieties to make the Grande Cuvée rosé wine :

  • Grenache noir, a Mediterranean grape variety with aromas of morello cherries, prunes, raspberries and blackcurrants;
  • Cinsault, a grape variety that produces delicate and subtly fruity rosé wines from Provence;
  • Syrah, a grape variety from Provence offering wines with notes of very ripe red fruits and black fruits;
  • Carignan, a black grape variety that produces wines with flavors of banana, garrigue, cherry and blackberry.


Red Château de Berne Grande Cuvée

An iconic vintage from Château de Berne, the Grande Cuvée is not limited to rosé wine, and offers a red vintage which draws all its richness from the estate's Mediterranean terroir. The grapes thus take advantage of the cool nights of this wine-growing region and the Provence sun to mature slowly, making the red wine of Provence unique .

After 12 months of aging in wooden barrels, the aromatic complexity of Grande Cuvée red wines is at its peak.

When tasting the wine, we discover an intense garnet color, with pretty purple reflections, and an expressive nose, with floral aromas, black fruits and spices.

On the palate, the Grande Cuvée rouge AOP Côtes de Provence offers a light and fresh attack, with melted tannins and fruity and woody aromas. We therefore recommend drinking this exceptional wine with grilled meats, characterful cheese, and Provençal dishes.

To make the GC de Berne red wine , the estate's winegrowers use Syrah, the same black grape variety as for the rosé wine, blended with Cabernet-Sauvignon, a red grape variety found mainly in the Médoc, and which allows to produce tannic, full-bodied red wines suitable for aging.


White Château de Berne Grande Cuvée

In its pretty square bottle, with a black and gold label, the Grande Cuvée blanc de Berne has very good aging potential. Aged on lees for 10 months, after a short fermentation in vats, then in acacia and oak barrels, the Grande Cuvée white wine reveals the best of the Provence terroir.

Tasting this exceptional wine first reveals an intense color with a pretty bright and golden yellow. Then, the nose expresses itself with complexity, revealing aromas of butter biscuits and brioche, but also of exotic fruits.

Once in the mouth, the GC de Berne white offers a nice balance and notes of grilled hazelnut, milk bread, pineapple and liquorice. This wine is a marvel when accompanied by foie gras, fine poultry, or fish.

To make this unique white wine , the winegrowers of Bern use two white grape varieties:

  • Rolle, a grape variety that produces wines with aromas of apple, pineapple and pear;
  • Sémillon, a white grape variety that produces white wine with notes of honey and candied fruit.

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