Dans quel ordre déguster du vin ?

In what order to taste wine?

Everyone knows, it is not advisable to taste different wines in any order. Everyone knows, but no one really knows what is recommended during a wine tasting. Red wine after white wine, light bright wine building ... Here are 4 rules for Taste wine in the right order.


Rule n ° 1: rise in power and quality gradually

When you take the time to reflect, this first rule seems obvious. However, it is not uncommon to be offered a powerful wine from the aperitif, and then offer a light wine as a starter, before switching to a wine driven, and of course finish with a fruity wine for dessert.

The problem of Powerful wines, and in particular red wines is that they contain tannins, which will saturate the taste buds From the first sips. The full -bodied red wine will prevent you from savoring the next lighter wines, but also to taste the finest dishes.

It is therefore advised to First serve a light wine, like a rosé wine from Provence or a red wine from Beaujolais, and grow in power, finishing with a powerful wine, like a red wine from Bordeaux.

Very sweet wines will also have the same effect, and are therefore to be favored at the end of the meal.


The wine quality Also has its importance in the tasting order. Then start with the simplest wines, to Finish with the great vintages.


Rule n ° 2: red wine is served after white wine and rosé wine

In general, the White wines and rosy wines offer more acidity and finesse in the aromas than red wines. By following the logic of rule number 1, it is therefore advisable to drink a white or a rosé first, before going red.

This will allow your taste buds to better perceive the subtle aromas of light, floral or fruity wines, before moving on to more powerful notes of red wine.

There are of course exceptions depending on the wines, and you can perfectly Serve a fat white wine or aromatic after a light red wine.


If this rule is easy to follow during a blind tasting, it is sometimes difficult to apply to obtain a Agreement and wine consistent. If the dishes offered invite you to serve a red wine with red meat, before switching to a white wine to accompany a cheese, it is then recommended tobid your mouth Between the two dishes. This consists of drinking a small sip of the new wine before starting the cheese tasting.


Rule n ° 3: Young wines before old vintages

Over time, the aromas and the structure of the wine change, to make way for new aromatic notes, much more complex. Logically, it is therefore advisable to Start a wine tasting with young wines, simpler, before moving on to childcare wines and old vintages, richer.

But everything is not that simple, and there again, some exceptions exist. Indeed, a red wine gradually loses its tannins during the aging process, to make way for new aromas. Less tannic, so it can sometimes seem more bland than a young and powerful red wine. It can then be wise to Serve the old vintage before young wine.


Rule n ° 4: Sweet wines after dry wines

As we saw above, wine sugar can quickly saturate the palace. It is therefore logically that oenologists advise to savor sweet wines, soft wines and sweet wines last.

In addition, sweet wine would not make the weight in front of an acid white wine or a tannic red wine, which would take over and spoil the delicacy and the amplitude of sweet wine.


Wine tasting order: summary and applications

To summarize, theWine tasting order must be done according to the color, the quality, the power, the age and the texture of the wine. No need to be an oenology expert, you can simply trust your instinct. But here is an idea of chronological tasting Interesting:

  • Start with a effervescent wine or dry white wine, like a muscadet or a Sancerre;
  • Continue with a greater white wine, such as a Viognier or a Chardonnay of Burgundy;
  • Go to rosé wine (always from the lightest to the most powerful);
  • Continue with a light and little tannic red wine, with fruity notes, such as a gamay, a pinot noir or a Cabernet franc;
  • Chain with a tannic red wine, like a syrah or a burgundy;
  • Finish with a sweet wine or a soft wine, like a Sauternes.


Whether for an initiation to wine tasting, or to accompany the different dishes with a meal, theWine service order has capital importance. You now know how to enjoy each bottle and enjoy each aroma.





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