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Sowine Barometer: what are the criteria for purchasing a bottle of wine?

Like every year, the consulting agency SoWine and its partner Dynata have published the results of their survey on the evolution of the wine, beer and spirits consumption habits of the French. Let's discover, through the SoWine 2023 barometer , what is the place of wine in the hearts of the French, and what are the criteria for purchasing a bottle of wine .

Beer and wine: a close match in the hearts of the French

According to the SoWine/Dynata 2023 barometer, if you ask French consumers what their favorite alcoholic drinks are, beer and wine stand out and clash, with 56% of votes for beer, compared to 55% for wine. Behind them are champagne (37%), cocktails (29%), cider (22%) and spirits (20%).

Alcohol consumption trends are therefore evolving in favor of beer, which is gradually gaining ground, particularly among male consumers (67%), who say they have a notable preference for lager (97%).

At the same time, 15% of the SoWine barometer panel says they never drink alcohol , particularly to preserve their health. This figure, after experiencing marked growth between 2010 and 2015 (from 10 to 15%), has not changed since.

Focus on wine consumers in France

In the world of wine, the consumer profile is quite varied, and all colors of wine find favor in the eyes of enthusiasts. We still note a clear increase in white wines compared to last year (+2%), while still wines continue to stand out from sparkling wines.

As for favorite wine regions , Bordeaux remains at the top of the list, followed by Burgundy and Champagne. Note the entry into the top 5 of the Beaujolais wine region, which passes Languedoc-Roussillon. In this top 5, Provence and the Rhône retain their place.

The SoWine 2023 barometer also reveals new trends in the wine sector: foreign wines . 70% of French people regularly consume European wines (mainly Italy and Spain), but also wines from the New World (Chile and Argentina).

Finally, the French's preferences are mainly for red wines for consumption during a meal, while white wines and rosé wines are more readily served as an aperitif.

Price: the first element of choice when purchasing an alcoholic beverage

The SoWine agency highlights, through its annual study, a trend that has been growing over the years: the French consume less, but better . While the price of a bottle of wine continues to increase, the average French budget devoted to the wine sector remains stable:

  • 55% of French consumers spend between 11 and 20 euros per bottle of wine ;
  • Only 2% spend less than 5 euros.

If the average budget does not change from one year to the next, the purchasing frequency decreases. It should nevertheless be noted that the marked inflation of recent months is reflected in the statistics, and the price has become the number 1 criterion for purchasing a bottle of wine or beer for 49% of consumers. This criterion ranks far ahead of the vintage or wine region. On the other hand, environmental certifications are becoming more and more integrated into purchasing habits, and 55% of French people are sensitive to them.

Finally, the online purchase of bottles of wine has decreased slightly (-2%), but young people continue to favor it (52%). These same young people also like to learn about wine on different social networks, including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

How to choose your rosé wine?

If you are one of the buyers of French wine , you must know the few criteria that allow you to choose a good rosé wine, with the best quality/price ratio. Let us note the 3 main criteria:

  • Choose a bottle of rosé wine according to its price : generally speaking, the more expensive a bottle is, the better the wine. But this rule mainly applies to red wines and white wines. For rosé wines, it is entirely possible to find a good bottle for less than €5;
  • Choose rosé according to your tastes : it seems obvious to choose a rosé wine that you are sure to like. If you prefer sweet wines, opt for a dark rosé wine. Conversely, light rosés often have a lower sugar content;
  • Choose rosé wine according to its appellation : AOP and IGP are often a safe bet when choosing wine. You can also check environmental labels.

The purchasing habits of the French and the SoWine 2023 barometer confirm that wine still holds an important place in our consumption. It must be said that the choice is vast and offers us thousands of possibilities to enjoy. On the Provence side, Château de Berne works hard to offer exceptional rosé wines .

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