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Wine consumption: rosés are resisting the crisis

While France and the world have been facing unprecedented crises for several years that are impacting consumption habits, rosé wine continues to grow. And, even if the sector has experienced a slight decline, the rosé wine market is doing well, and France undoubtedly remains the leader.

Consumption of rosé wine: global developments

Since 2002, global consumption of rosé wine has grown exponentially, with an increase of more than 20%. And despite a slight decline (-2.3%) observed since 2019, the rosé wine market remains in great shape. Let’s describe it in a few figures, collected from the World Rosé Observatory:

  • 25.6 million hectoliters of rosé are consumed each year;
  • Rosé represents 11.3% of still wines of the three colors;
  • France is the largest consumer of rosé wines , with 34% of global consumption;
  • The United States is in second place, representing 20% ​​of global consumption;
  • Finally follows Germany, in third position.

France: world champion in all categories

If we look at consumption per capita, the ranking is slightly modified, but France remains in the lead, with 15.1 liters per year per person . Many countries then follow:

  • Uruguay (9.7 liters);
  • Cyprus (5.2 liters);
  • Belgium and Switzerland (5.1 liters);
  • Denmark (3.4 liters);
  • Portugal (3 liters)...

To summarize, 9 of the 10 largest consumers of rosé wine in the world are European.

And if the per capita consumption of still wines has fallen in recent years, in particular because of the health crisis, that of rosé wines remains stable.

The evolution of rosé wines over the years

On the production side, the most popular rosé wines from France have an increasingly lighter pink color , and we also notice an increasingly high price . In 2020, the average price of a bottle of rosé wine was €5.1, compared to €2.70 in Spain, and €3.80 in Morocco.

Despite this, France manages to establish itself throughout the world, but it must be recognized that, when possible, countries always favor their local rosé wine production, particularly in Germany and the United States.

The reasons for the success of rosé wine

If rosé wines are experiencing stronger and more constant growth than red wines or white wines, it is because this type of wine is particularly attractive to wine lovers, for several reasons.

A wine very popular with young people

Generally speaking, people born in the 80s particularly favor rosé wines . Remember that this age group, from 25 to 40 years old, is made up of active consumers, who easily free themselves from certain codes, and increasingly emphasize good taste and simplicity.

An easy to drink wine

If France manages to produce and sell millions of bottles of rosé each year, it is notably thanks to the simple structure of this wine . Whether with maceration rosé, saignée rosé or pressing rosé, the aromatic palette is seductive and fresh , not very tannic, and easy to love.

Global production then responds to a desire for a lighter alternative to complex and tannic red wines, which are less accessible.

A wine of celebration and conviviality

When we think of rosé wine, we often imagine serving a good bottle of Côtes de Provence on a warm summer evening, by the pool, around a barbecue, or during a picnic. fuck. If we all have this representation, it is because rosé wine is synonymous with conviviality . This fits perfectly with the simple and light image of rosé wines.

A wine served by powerful marketing

If the light color and fruity aromas of rosé wines are so appealing, it is also thanks to the power of the marketing strategy of rosé wine producers. By offering pretty bottles and beautiful labels, winegrowers know how to respond to a consumer habit, 40% of whom are influenced by design when choosing a bottle of wine.

A wine with proven know-how

If rosé is attracting more and more people, it is also because it requires exceptional know-how . The rosé producer selects his red grapes and his white grapes, and ensures the growth of the fruits to guarantee a fruity rosé wine with a pretty pink color , with a lovely aromatic complexity and a beautiful balance.

The bottle of rosé continues to seduce, and global consumption testifies to its success. Are you one of the rosé drinkers? Choose a quality bottle of rosé, choosing from our AOP Côtes de Provence rosé vintages.

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