Comment se faire livrer du vin ?

How to have wine delivered?

While online trade has exploded in recent years, wine has not been outdone and has exponential growth. But then, How to have wine delivered quality ? What sites turn to? The Domaine de Bern guides you.


The boom of online wine commands

According to the FranceAgriMer study published in 2020, one in 10 bottle of wine was sold online. For the past ten years, the Online wine sale experiences dazzling growth, and despite more stable figures in recent years, this is without counting the health crisis, which has strongly prompted wine lovers to order online. Thus, the online wine market is estimated at 500 million euros, including 1/5th is carried out on the Drive site of large distribution stores. L'Wine e-commerce Then represents between 9 and 10 % of total wine sales.

This high growth rate is explained in several ways:

  • Attractive prices: as in any store, buyers are looking for the best price. On the internet, there are regular promotional offers, gift boxes and free delivery costs that lower the bill;
  • A time saving: theonline wine purchase Allows you to order quickly and take advantage of an express delivery, by staying at home or go about its occupations throughout each stage of the transaction;
  • A need for information: while in store it is not always easy to find an advisor available, or quite experienced, online, there are a multitude of sites and applications to learn about wines before to buy.



The different types of sites to have wine delivered

With more than 350 Wine e-commerce sites French, consumers now find it difficult to distinguish between "pure players" (which sell exclusively online), "click and mortar" (which sell on the internet, but also in physical store). Finally, the border is fine, and online offers remain significantly the same.

The wine box

The wine box Often works on the principle of a subscription, allowing consumers to regularly discover new bottles. Expert sommeliers then commit to select wines Who leave the beaten track, and thus create surprise at the wine lover. Do you like to be surprised, and are you curious? The wine box is made for you since here you have to trust the choices of the sommeliers of the site.

Private sales

To enjoy a Private sale of wines, you have to be part of the limited circle of a wine merchant, by lowering yourself directly on its site. You will then regularly receive exclusive promotional offers, on wines from traders, or directly from producers. The particularity of Wine -private sales is to offer very temporary offers, and in limited quantity. Members must therefore be reactive to take advantage of new products!

Specialized sites

The Internet sites entirely dedicated to wine There are many, and if we know the big names, like Vinatis, Wineandco or Lavinia, there are also more and more small nestled sites, which specialize in particular wines, such as foreign wines, or wines from a unique terroir. This is probably one of the best solutions to personalize your order and choose a suitable delivery service.

General sites

General sites do not only sell wine. Their priority is not really the product, but rather the partnership with the seller or the producer. They mainly take care of managing the Promotion of wine bottles, and thus offer a Large selection of wines.

Among these generalist sites, we all know Cdiscount, or even Veepee.

Wine producers' sites

Just like for a physical purchase, it is possible toBuy online wine Going directly through the producer. It is enough to go to your website to order wine.

This type of sale of wines then makes it possible to promote the work of local producers, and to ensure the purchase of a quality product, while enjoying lower prices. By promoting the short circuit, the customer who buys live also makes it possible to limit the ecological impact of transport.


Do not hesitate to go directly to the Domaine de Bern website for you TO DO deliver wine, and thus set out to discover the wines of Provence.

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