bien servir un vin rosé

How to serve a rosé wine well?

To fully appreciate the aromas of rosé wine, it must be served in the rules of the art. Temperature, glass, and dishes that accompany it must thus be subject to particular attention. Find out how to serve a rosé wine well.


The aromas of rosé wine

To really appreciate a rosé, and learn to grant it correctly to your dishes, you must above all know the aromas. Whether subtle or well -sized, they determine the most judicious food/wine agreements, which will highlight all the flavors both wine and meal.

The aromas of rosé wine depend essentially on the vinification method (maceration or pressing) and the grape variety (Cabernet, Grenache, Syrah, etc.). You will then obtain various aromas in the mouth, such as fruit, candy, floral note, or hot and wooded spices (cinnamon, vanilla, etc.).


Conservation and consumption temperature of rosé wine

After opening, the bottle of rosé can be kept in the refrigerator. However, it will not be long ago to consume it, because beyond 4-5 days, it risks expanding and losing, over time, body and aromas.

We often hear that it is recommended to drink most rosés in the year following bottling. What about rosé wine conservation conditions? Contrary to popular belief, a bottle of rosé will keep all its quality if it is kept in a wine cellar or a room at room temperature, ideally between 8 ° C and 10 ° C.

Many rosés are thus better after a year or two on duty, and some can even age a few years. We then speak of rosé of gastronomy.

Before tasting, it will be enough to place it in the refrigerator or in an ice bucket, and take it out ten minutes before consumption, so that it reaches an optimal temperature.



What drink to taste a rosé wine?

From an aesthetic point of view, the transparent glass allows you to appreciate the dress and the brightness of the rosé. Beyond the visual aspect, the choice of glass will have all its importance in the exaltation of rosé flavors, and will offer all the finesse and complexity of the bouquet.

The glass on foot will then be essential, to prevent the wine from warming up in contact with the hand, and allowing it to keep the ideal service temperature. Then comes the choice of the opening of the glass, which will have all its importance during the tasting.

A high and narrow glass, such as inao, or ISO glass, allows you to concentrate volatile aromas, and thus reveal them. It is particularly interesting for a rosé tasting, this wine with so delicate perfumes. The tulip shape of the glass is also an important criterion for oxygenation and ventilation of wine, while retaining the aromas.


Diet and rosé wine agreements

The association of rosé wine and dishes is essential to properly enhance both wine and culinary preparation. The rosé thus accompanies different dishes to perfection, from the aperitif, to the dessert.

  • The rosé wine as an aperitif: refreshing and sweet, the rosé goes perfectly with the small appetizers with the flavors of the south, such as tapenade, ham, chorizo, raw vegetables.
  • Rosé wine as a main dish: the choice of rosé is wise to accompany meats or grilled fish, crustaceans, as well as hot or cold preparations (ratatouille, bouillabaisse, salads, pies ...).
  • Rosé wine with cheese: to reveal the aromas of wine, goat or sheep cheese is the ally of rosé. It also goes perfectly with soft cheeses.
  • Rosé wine for dessert: rosé is also tasted at the end of the meal, with fruity desserts, whether in sorbet, cake or nature.


Serving a rosé wine asks to respect some conditions, in order to reveal all its aromas with subtlety. The Château de Berne invites you to discover its Côtes de Provence rosésTo accompany your meals with family or friends.








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