Comment bien conserver une bouteille de vin rosé ?

How to properly keep a bottle of rosé wine?

With rosé wine, the question of conservation arises little, as the wait between the purchase and the tasting is short. However, keeping a bottle of rosé in optimal conditions makes it possible not to alter your qualities, and this is all the more true for pink guard wines.


Does the rosé wine keep?

Many prejudices circulate on rosé wine. Among them, there is its conservation. Many believe that such a wine is necessarily consumed in the year. If it was true a few decades ago, things have changed. Today, rosé de duty wine exists. And as with all wines (red wine or white wine), some rosés keep, others are not. The shelf life will depend on the vintage, the geographic origin, the grape variety ...

As a rule, pink groove or maceration wines are more able to age, and can be consumed after 2 to 5 years of guard.

To find out if a rosé wine is kept or not, the mention "Grand Cru" or "Grand Vin" on the label will not be enough. It will be necessary to take into account all of the characteristics of rosé wine, and in particular its structure power, and the balance between acidity and tannins.


Rosé wine: living and fragile

Many rosé wine lovers take care of their bottles like a newborn baby. Without growing to the extreme, rosé wine needs attention, and must be kept with caution. Wine is a very fragile product, sensitive to its environment, so you have to be careful to offer it the best conservation conditions. To do this, it is recommended to install it in a dark room, far from any agitation (vibrations, shocks, etc.). It will then be necessary to sleep the bottle of rosé, so that the cork cap is always moist.

Finally, and it is surely the most important point, it will be necessary to ensure that rosé wine does not undergo temperature variations. It is for this reason that a cellar remains the best place, because the temperature is stable there, in winter and in summer.


A cozy little nest to keep rosé wine

If temperature variations and darkness are the two most important great criteria, there are others that will influence the quality of rosé wine.

  • The temperature: for optimal preservation, the rosé wine must be kept in a room with an average temperature of 12 ° C.
  • The humidity level: essential to ensure the good condition of the cork cap, the humidity will avoid it to retract, and then let all the bacteria which could attack wine. 80 % humidity is ideal.
  • Ventilation: a place of conservation with good ventilation allows bottles of "breathing". It will then be enough to remove all the rosé bottles from their packaging and boxes, and keep them on a stable support, or in a wooden box.
  • The environment: wine, even in its bottle, is very sensitive to surrounding odors. He is therefore strongly advised not to keep his rosé wine near chemicals or paint.


Although it is not easy to bring together all the criteria to have a conservation of perfect rosé wine, bringing you closer will allow you to preserve all the qualities of rosé wine. You will find at the Château de Berne pink wines kept in the best conditions.


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