Cocktails et vins : le vin dans l'art de la mixologie

Cocktails and wines: wine in the art of mixology

Present in the most festive moments as in everyday life, wine is enjoyed as simply as possible, in a pretty wine glass. But to make the tasting more gourmet and daring, mixology does not hesitate to incorporate wine into many recipes. So let's see what wine can bring to your cocktails .

What is mixology?

Mixology is the art of revisiting or inventing a recipe using different drinks and/or alcohols. A true bar artist, the mixologist is able to identify the complementarity of flavors and textures, to imagine cocktail recipes that are as tasty as they are original.

Considered an artistic activity, mixology appeals to the senses and emotions, but also a lot of skills and knowledge. The best mixologists manage to create their own signature cocktail , or even invent their own liqueur.

Many bars and restaurants call on mixologists to obtain valuable advice for creating delicious cocktails, but also to find the best mixes that will highlight the products on a menu.

The basics of mixology and wine

Mixology takes a completely exciting turn when you include wine. It is then crucial for the professional to choose the right wine to create the best cocktails . Indeed, each type of wine offers unique textures and flavors that can literally transform a cocktail:

  • Red wines provide depth thanks to their tannins;
  • White wines offer freshness and aromatic intensity;
  • Rosé wines bring lightness;
  • Sparkling wines offer a refreshing touch of elegance.

As with any art form, mixology is above all a story of balance. Cocktails based on wine or spirits must then be mixed with various ingredients sparingly and accurately. All the work then lies in the balance, so that the wine does not take over the ingredients, and vice versa.

What wines are best suited to creating cocktails?

If someone tells you "wine-based cocktail", you inevitably think of kir, this famous mixture of white wine and blackcurrant liqueur, which is also called "white blackcurrant". Indeed, if fruit liqueurs go perfectly with white wine , other blends can work miracles and transform a good little glass into a true masterpiece.

Rosé wine , for example, is also very popular when combined with fruit cream , and in particular the famous grapefruit. This combination makes a light and fresh cocktail, perfect for hot summer days!

As for red wine , it's hard to imagine how to mix it with other ingredients. However, we must not forget that the base wine of the delicious Sangria , the Spanish cocktail par excellence, is indeed red wine! It is then accompanied by many seasonal fruits.

Finally, for an elegant and refined cocktail, we like sparkling wines . They are also part of the best refreshing cocktail recipes, like the Spritz or the Hugo.

Some wine-based cocktails

Are you looking for an original cocktail recipe to brighten up your aperitifs? Rather than embarking on dangerous mixes, here are some cocktail ideas that work.


Le Coucher de Soleil is a refreshing cocktail made with rosé wine, Pulco Orange, Cognac and cane sugar syrup. Eat very fresh, with small mint leaves: a treat!

The Marquisette

This cocktail made with champagne and white wine is very elegant. Be careful though, its delicious flavors can make you forget the fairly high alcohol content.

To taste a Marquisette , you will need to do it in advance, by marinating a bottle of white wine, lemon juice and sugar for 24 hours. When serving, add a bottle of chilled Champagne and a few slices of lime, and enjoy, in moderation!

The Spritz

An Italian cocktail par excellence, the Spritz comes more precisely from Venice. We like to drink it in summer, because its bitterness is particularly refreshing.

The Spritz is a clever mix of Prosecco , Apérol (or Campari) and sparkling water. Served chilled, in a pretty cocktail glass, and decorated with a slice of orange, it’s a delight every time.

Wine Caïpi

Another fresh white wine-based cocktail, the Wine Caïpi is made from raspberry cream, sweet white wine, ginger and lime. And to add deliciousness to this tempting pink cocktail recipe, you can decorate the glass with a skewer of fresh fruits, ideally red fruits.

Mixology is an opportunity to think outside the box with indulgence, and to accompany an aperitif dinner or a festive meal with elegance. Why not try the rosé wine cocktail ? The Provence rosés from our estates are perfect for imagining the perfect cocktail!

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