Choisir son Côtes de Provence rouge au restaurant

Choose your Red Provence Côtes at the restaurant

When you go to the restaurant, accompanying your dish with a glass of red wine is a pleasure that you do not refuse. You still have to know how to choose the wine that will enhance your menu. We help you at Choose your Red Provence ribs At the restaurant, so as not to hesitate forever in front of the wine list.

Choose the restaurant that will offer you a beautiful wine list

Unless you are an informed wine lover, and know at your fingertips the different vintages of each name, it is difficult to know if you are dealing with a Good wine list. This is all the more true if it offers a large amount of references of red wine, white wine, rosé wine and effervescent wine.

Several mentions can however make sure you are faced with a quality wine list:

  • The name of the appellation;
  • The name of the domain or the producer;
  • The name of the cuvée;
  • The vintage.

Ideally, a short description of the wine and the enumeration of the grape varieties (Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Franc, etc.) are very appreciable.

Red wine Côtes de Provence: Think of the glass service

If you want to do Pet and Wine agreements Perfect throughout your meal, or feast in moderation, the 75 cl red wine bottle is not welcome.

However, this should prevent you from tasting a good red wine. Why not opt ​​for a Côtes de Provence Rouge by glass ?

The glass service then allows you to taste several of the best wines throughout the meal, or limit your alcohol consumption. It is also a more economical solution, to avoid waste or encourage you to drink more than you want.

The wine by the glass is also interesting when all the guests in the table do not want the same wine.

Be careful, if you order a AOC Côtes de Provence Rouge, do not hesitate to ask the server or sommelier if the bottle has been open for a long time. One or two days, it goes, beyond, the wine will be fanned and will have lost its aromas.

The Red Coast of Provence in pitcher

A drink is not enough, but a bottle is too much? You have the alternative of Red Côtes de Provence pitcher. In this case, do not hesitate to ask for details on wine, to know its origins, its terroir, its winemaker ...

Then, the quality of the wine in pitcher will probably be the same as for the wine by the glass. It is then a question of choosing a restaurant that offers beautiful references.

Question sommelier or server

You can't Choose your Red Provence ribs ? The sommelier or the server are there to guide you, and advise you best, depending on your tastes and the dishes you have ordered (white meats, red meats, fish, etc.).

It is up to you to see if the professional's explanations are precise, or if the server is more like the most expensive wines, remaining very elusive. A good professional must be able to guide you with precision towards light red wines, powerful wines, or even wines of another color.

Taste the Red Coasts of Provence

A serious server will always make you taste the wine Before you use. If the initial goal is to check if the wine does not have a defect (blocked, too hot, oxidized ...), this is also an opportunity to check if your choice meets your expectations.

Take the time to taste the wine well

To determine whether the wine has a defect or not, it is essential to take the time to taste it. To do this, you must run it in the glass to appreciate the dress. Then you can taste it gently, keeping it in the mouth a few seconds, to appreciate the flavors and the aromas.

The aromas of Red Wine Côtes de Provence

Red wines release aromas very different from each other. We distinguish several Types of red wines :

  • Fruity red wine, with aromas of red fruits and black fruits (raspberry, redcurrant, cherry, blackcurrant, blackberry, blueberry ...);
  • Floral red wine, with notes of violet, pink, peony…;
  • Vegetable red wine, with aromas of pepper, mushroom, tobacco…;
  • Spicy red wine, notes of cinnamon, pepper, vanilla…;
  • Wooded red wine, with aromas of eucalyptus, oak ...;
  • The other red wines, with notes of leather, caramel, coffee ...

Red Côtes de Provence service

The quality of the wine is not enough, it must also be served at the right temperature. Make sure that the service temperature of the Côtes de Provence Rouge be between 14 and 16 ° C.

The Côtes de Provence Rouge to choose at the restaurant

If you are faced with a wine list with many references, some French Côtes de Provence Rouge wines will not disappoint you.

  • Red 2016 AOP Côtes de Provence Le Pigeonnier : a light and wooded red wine, with aromas of red fruits;
  • Château de Berne Grande cuvée : a very expressive red wine, with notes of black fruit and spices;
  • Berne lands : A fruity red wine with blackcurrant aromas, pepper and licorice;
  • AOP Côtes de Provence Rouge Château des Bertrands : a red wine from Provence to the aromas of red fruits, spice and liquorice;
  • Ultimate Provence red : a generous and modern red wine, with notes of spices and red fruits.
You now have all the weapons so that you never hesitate in front of the wine list at the restaurant. To ensure a quality wine, you can always opt for a Côtes de Provence Rouge, he will never disappoint you!

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