Les catégories de vin : qu’est-ce qu’un vin de table ?

Wine categories: What is a table wine?

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Table wine: grapes from different production areas

wine from France (VDF)  Wine without geographic indication (GIS), has no precise geographical indication. It can therefore be produced from grapes from different vineyards, and be subject to different assemblies.

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Different table wines, we distinguish two categories today:

  • France wine, developed from wines from French vineyards;
  • European Community wine, coming from an assembly of wines from at least two European countries.

The main grape varieties of France's wines

French table wines, the winegrowers mainly use 5 white and red grape varieties:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon;
  • The Sauvignon Blanc;
  • Carignan;
  • Merlot;
  • Chardonnay.

These different grape varieties are subsequently assembled to form table wines with an alcohol content between 8.5 % and 15 %.

The bad reputation of table wine

L' Specifications of table wine  Quality of table wines.

Current consumption wines.

Today, even if the specifications of table wine is not very demanding, competition from other countries in Europe and outside the EU encourages French winegrowers to stand out by raising the quality of their table wines.

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Table wine: a bad press not always justified

France wine, and gradually readings his coat of arms. Because, if most of the French wines are rather modest, others are excellent, but do not return to the boxes of a controlled origin (AOC) or a protected geographic indication (IGP). You just have to cultivate a grape variety in the geographic area delimited by the rules of the AOC or the IGP to find yourself relegated to the rank of table wine.

Mixtures of old grape varieties 

claimed the name in Italy), or by will to avoid the constraints of control of an appellation.

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The best table wines in France

Non -recognized grape variety in their region To discover without hesitation, note:

  • The Historical Cuvée Xixth Century Wine, from Château Palmer, which uses old grape varieties from Bordeaux and the Rhône, to pay tribute to the former great Bordeaux wines, both acid and light;
  • The Zind cuvée, from the Zind-Humbrecht estate, a white wine from Chardonnay, a grape variety not authorized by the laws of AOC Alsace.

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