Personne buvant du vin rosé en hiver

Drink Rosé in winter. Yes it's possible !

Rosé wine has always been associated with summer, barbecue evenings and afternoons by the pool. But, over time, wine lovers no longer deprive themselves of a good glass of rosé, whatever the season. So let's see how a winter rosé wine is tasted.

Rosé: a convivial wine above all

If we appreciate rosé wine so much in summer, it is because it represents the ideal drink for spending a friendly and festive time , surrounded by friends or family. Of course, these moments are mainly experienced in the summer, during the holidays. But the festive meals and good times don't stop with the onset of autumn, so why deprive yourself of a glass of rosé wine when the cold of winter arrives ?

Rosé wine rubs shoulders with red wines and white wines on warm tables, for delicious winter evenings, surrounded by the people we love. It then reveals itself as a second-hand wine, from which we take out a good bottle for a family meal, an aperitif with friends, or a romantic dinner.

An easy wine to pair

Pairing food and wine is a complex exercise , and certain major precepts are essential: red wine for meat, white wine for starters and/or fish, and rosé wine for an aperitif and/or barbecues.

However, rosé wines offer such diversity that they are very easy to pair with many dishes . Their qualities invite many combinations, ranging from light rosé wine as an aperitif, to more complex rosé to accompany white meat or seafood, and even aromatic rosé which works wonders with a cheese platter.

Unlike white wines and red wines, rosé wines have the capacity to enhance all kinds of dishes , at any time of the meal, and at any time of the year.

A wine that always seduces

If rosé wine has the advantage of adapting to many recipes, it also has the power to please as many people as possible. Indeed, with its light and fresh aromas , it manages to delight the taste buds of everyone, from the most novice to the greatest wine lovers.

Furthermore, rosé wines are very diverse, allowing everyone to find a vintage that they like: soft, sweet, fruity, dry, tannic... This is a definite advantage compared to the complexity of red wine, especially when you look for a bottle of wine to serve to all your guests.

In winter, you may prefer a more structured wine, unlike cooler summer rosé wines. But a chilled rosé can also be very pleasant in front of a nice fireplace!

Rosé wine: to drink alone or accompanied

It must be recognized that winter dishes, often based on cheese, are very pleasant with a good white wine or an excellent red wine. This does not, however, put rosé wine aside, because it can perfectly be enjoyed alone, as an aperitif or during a convivial moment.

The bottle of rosé wine is therefore ideal in winter , at home or in a ski resort, because it can be enjoyed alone as well as with good meals.

Our winter rosé wines

Château de Berne diversifies its vintages and offers winter edition rosé wines , to delight you all year round with quality Côtes de Provence. Here are the 2 vintages of winter rosé wine that we offer you:

Do you usually enjoy a good glass of rosé in summer? Why wait until summer to treat yourself? The winter rosé wines from Domaine de Berne invite you to the pleasure of savoring your favorite Provence wines all year round.

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