Bien choisir son vin rosé au restaurant

Choose the right wine in restaurants

Choosing a rosé wine at the restaurant is not always easy. For this, several tips can help you make a perfect dish and perfect wine.


The choice of restaurant: a priority

It may seem obvious, but not all restaurants offer quality wines. If you don't know much about it, a few points can tell you a good wine list. The proposed selection must thus be varied in styles of wine and origins. You must find the name, the name of the estate and the winemaker, as well as the vintage and the name of the cuvée.


Glass or bottle glass

Many restaurateurs offer glass by glass. This allows you to drink in moderation, and taste several wines, depending on the starter, the dish or the dessert.

However, make sure the quality of the conservation of the wine served by the glass. For this, the bottle must not have been opened more than 2 days before the service. Do not hesitate to request the opening date of the bottle to the server or sommelier.


Take the time to taste wine

You may not know it, but if the server lets the customer taste the wine, it is not to see if it is to his taste, but to verify that he is not blocked, or that he does not have any other defect (oxidation, temperature). Above all, do not hesitate to take the time to taste, and to refuse a bottle at the slightest defect.


Check the wine temperature

A wine served at poor temperature (too hot or too cold), will not reveal all the quality of its aromas. A too hot wine will have omnipresent alcohol in the mouth, too fresh wine will lose its aromas. So do not hesitate to return a bottle of wine that is not at the right temperature.


Respect the service order of different wines

Depending on the dishes you ordered, the wines will have to follow one another in a logical order, to avoid saturating your taste buds at the start of the meal. You can then start with light and dry pink wines, to continue with a more tannic and complex rosé wine. Dessert is often very popular when accompanied by a soft or sweet wine.


Request the advice of the sommelier or the server

Do not hesitate to ask for advice from the sommelier or the server. It is there for that, and if the restaurant is of quality, it will be able to bring you advice advice according to your desires, your tastes, and the dishes that you will taste. Be careful for the server's reaction. If he only offers dear wines, or seems hesitant, his knowledge is to be questioned.


The choice of a rosé wine at the restaurant should not be taken lightly. He must be able to accompany and enhance your meal. To make your selection, the Côtes de Provence remains a safe bet.

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