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At what temperature serve wine?

Everyone knows that wine does not use any temperature. But do you know why? And do you know at what temperature to serve wine?


Temperature: What is its impact on wine?

Obtaining a wine occurs through several subtle and fragile chemical reactions. The chemical balance of wine can then be disturbed at any time, and have consequences on the taste and olfactory qualities of the drink.

The temperature is one of the elements that can disturb the perfect balance of the wine. Insufficient temperature will act on tannins, and raise the acidity and bitterness of wine. Conversely, too high a temperature will increase alcohol and inhibit aromas. It will then be necessary to find the perfect temperature to open the tannins, and to reveal all the aromas.

The tasting temperature will mainly depend on the grape variety (more or less acidic and tannic). It will then be necessary to take into account the complexity of the wine, its balance and its structure, to determine the service temperature of the ideal wine.


Each wine has its service temperature

To serve a wine at the right temperature, you must above all take into account the type of wine. Red wine, white wine and rosé wine are not tasted under the same conditions.

Red wines

Red wines have a strong tannin content, and must therefore use a higher temperature than all other wines. If we advise to drink red wine between 15 and 16 ° C, we can even go up to 17 to 19 ° C for the most complex and carpented red wines. Finally, facing a bottle of red wine in alcohol, a service at 15 ° C will be recommended, so that alcohol is not too accentuated.

Recall that during the carafe, for the decantation, the red wine can take up to 2 degrees. This parameter is to be taken into account for the service.

White and rosy wines

To serve cooler, white wine and rosé wine must be at a perfect temperature to emphasize acidity, aromas, even bitterness. The pink and mineral white wines will therefore have to be served at an average temperature of 12 to 14 ° C, while dry wines will have to be served fresher, at a temperature between 10 and 12 ° C. Finally, sweet or soft wines are still enjoying even fresher, at 8 or 10 ° C.

The producers of the Domaine de Berne advise, for example, to consume a glass of rosé wine castle of Bern or Berne Terre at an average temperature of 12 ° C.


On the side of effervescent wines, a temperature between 8 and 10 ° C will clear the aromas. The plug of your bottle of champagne jumps, and a foam gushes from the opening? The temperature was probably too high, and carbon dioxide then accumulated in the neck.


Keep a wine at the right temperature: the equipment to have

To serve a wine at the right temperature, it is essential to keep it in the best conditions. Before the service in suitable glasses, the cellar remains ideal, and the refrigerator is interesting for white and rosy wines. Once at the table, the ice bucket is an excellent solution, but be careful not to undergo too frank temperature variations in wine.


You now know all the recommendations to serve wine in the best conditions, and thus preserve all its taste qualities. Take the test, you can be surprised!

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