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The 8 essential accessories for wine lovers

Would you like to give a gift to a great wine lover? Nothing could be easier with the numerous accessories and utensils that allow you to taste wine in a new light. Here is a selection of 8 accessories for wine lovers .


The wine aerator

An essential accessory for any wine lover, the wine aerator allows you to aerate the wine, release the aromas of a red wine and soften its tannins. The goal is then to quickly oxygenate a wine, without having to wait hours for it to decant into a carafe. Also called a wine decanter , the aerator allows rapid aeration, and is available in different formats and designs, from the most rustic to the most modern. There are even electronic aerators.


The decanter

To take care of serving red wines, the decanter is a must-have for all wine lovers. In the purest wine tradition, this accessory allows the wine to be aerated during the few hours before serving, in order to release the aromas of the wine and soften the tannins.

A slower version of the decanter, the carafe can also contain a stainless steel aerator, which ensures perfect oxygenation of the wine .

We also recognize the elegance of a carafe service, which never displeases on a good table.


The Coravin

A modern and revolutionary invention, the Coravin allows you to pour yourself a good glass of wine without having to open the bottle . This accessory therefore comes in the form of a sort of gun which pierces the cork of the bottle to let the wine pass according to the quantity of your wish. Once the glass is served, the Coravin replaces the oxygen contained in the hole with argon, thus making the bottle completely airtight.

This accessory then allows you to taste a great vintage without having to drink the whole bottle, or to let a wine with good aging potential age without depriving yourself of a small glass.



Another gadget for wine lovers, the vacuvin , or air vacuum pump , allows you to preserve a bottle of wine once uncorked . It then comes in the form of a rubber stopper, which prevents air from entering the bottle, and which pumps the air inside to prevent oxidation of the wine .

This reusable accessory then offers the possibility of keeping an already opened bottle for a long time, and not depriving yourself of opening a bottle, even if you are alone, or if you know that you will not finish it straight away.

Vacuvin is suitable for all wines (red wine, rosé wine and white wine), but it is not suitable for sparkling wines.


The pouring cap

Far from the technological prowess of vacuvin or Coravin, the pouring stopper nevertheless remains an ideal gift for a wine lover. Who has never dropped a drop while serving a red wine, leaving an indelible stain on clothing or on the tablecloth? With the spouted cap, clumsiness is avoided. Simply roll the anti-drip cap around itself and place it in the neck of the bottle to provide service worthy of a great sommelier.


The wine thermometer

All wine lovers know that drinking wine at the wrong temperature can completely ruin the product and the moment. Fortunately, the wine thermometer ensures that wine is served at the ideal serving temperature. All you have to do is immerse the accessory in the bottle to see the exact temperature of the wine.

You will then know whether to refresh it, or on the contrary, leave it in the open air for a while.


The ice bag

Very useful for maintaining a wine at its serving temperature ,the ice bag is a bag lined with a refrigerating liquid which allows a fine bottle to be kept cool throughout the tasting. All you have to do is place it in the freezer for a few hours, before taking it out and placing the bottle there to keep cool. This small, lightweight bag will follow you everywhere, and why not for your next picnic?

You can find in our online store a 75 cl ice bag personalized with the image of the Château de Berne.


The wooden sommelier

Let's finish our selection with a Laguiole en Aubrac sommelier who is a corkscrew, knife and bottle opener all in one. A true Swiss army knife for the wine lover, this gift is refined and elegant, but also very practical.

With this accessory, much more interesting than a lemonade maker, the master sommelier can remove the lid from the wine bottle and remove the cork.

You will find in our online store a wooden sommelier personalized in the image of the Château de Berne.


There is no shortage of ideas for gifts and accessories for wine lovers . To please a loved one, go to our online store!

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