Nos meilleurs vins pour la Saint Valentin

Our best wines for Valentine’s Day

Celebrate love with our Valentine’s Day Wines. Wines with subtle aromas for perfect food and wine pairings.
Offer our Valentine's Day boxes to your other half and take advantage of free delivery on them until February 9!
We leave you the choice of the color of the wine for the two boxes
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      1 bottle AOP Terres de Berne + Chocolate BoxValentine’s Day Box

      34,90 €
      1 bottle Terres de Berne Rosé 2022
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      1 bottle AOP Ultimate Provence + Scented CandleValentine's Day Box

      34,90 €
      1 bottle Ultimate Provence Rosé 2022
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      Celebrate Love with Our Wines Specially Selected for Valentine's Day
      Discover our wine boxes accompanied by exceptional products that will please your loved one. This ideal gift will delight wine lovers on the occasion of this beautiful lovers’ celebration.

      Selection of wines for Valentine's Day

      Our selection of wines for Valentine's Day is made up of extraordinary red, rosé and even white AOP Côtes de Provence wines. They will know how to enhance your romantic evening to perfection with exceptional food and wine pairings.

      Perfect food and wine pairings for a Romantic Evening

      Some of our wines from organic farming, such as the Terres de Berne Rosé vintage, will be ideal to accompany your romantic meal. With its fruity notes, this bottle of wine is perfect for an aperitif, Southern cuisine, white meats or oriental and Asian dishes.
      You can also opt for our Ultimate Provence Rouge vintages with spicy and red fruit notes or Ultimate Provence Blanc with fruity aromas. These beautiful bottles of wine will enhance your table for Valentine's Day.

      Why choose our wines for Valentine’s Day?

      Subtle Aromas to Awaken the Senses
      Our Valentine's Day gift boxes offer a unique taste and romantic experience through the beautiful freshness of our wines with fruit aromas but also through the careful selection of products accompanying our bottles. Give this exceptional gift to your loved one for a magical moment.

      Tasting tips for a romantic moment

      For optimal tasting of our fruity wines, put your white and rosé wines in an ice bucket with water and ice cubes and enjoy them chilled between 10°C and 12°C.
      For red wines, the ideal tasting temperature is around 16° to 18°C. We advise you to decant your red wines a few hours before serving.
      Don't hesitate to place beautiful roses on your table to accompany these beautiful bottles. With these tips, the romantic evening will be successful!