Le salon du millésime bio 2021

The 2021 organic vintage fair

Despite the health situation, the 2021 organic vintage show took place, in a completely innovative way. It is online, through an entirely virtual visit, that lovers of organic wines were able to discover the areas of the various producers.


The vintage in wine

The vintage of a wine corresponds to the year when the grapes were harvested. We therefore do not speak in a calendar year, because a vintage begins at the end of the previous harvest. For example, if a grape is harvested at the end of September 2019, wine from this grape will be a 2019 vintage. The 2020 vintage will start in October 2019, and will end at the end of the next harvest, At the end of September 2020. Finally, the vintage refers to the year of the vine, and of all the events that will have an impact on the harvest, such as size.

For a wine to be vintage, it is enough that the producer claims it by mentioning it on the bottle. It will then be necessary that the wine is composed 100 % of the grapes of the claimed vintage. The vintage is therefore not necessarily a quality criterion, and the majority of quiet wines in France are vintage.


The organic vintage fair in digital format

Each year, the organic vintage fair honors viticultural products from organic farming. In 2021, health crisis obliged, the show was completely digital.

Organic vintage lounge: What is it?

Organized by the Sudvinbio professional association, the organic vintage fair has been taking place every year since 1993. There are only vine products from organic farming there. Usually, the organic vintage fair takes place in a large exhibition hall, and brings together thousands of exhibitors and professionals.

2021 organic vintage: a 100 % digital meeting

Faced with the international health crisis, the organic vintage show had to rethink its organization, in order to be able to maintain the event while ensuring the safety of exhibitors and visitors. Difficult to imagine a virtual wine fair, as tasting is at the heart of the event. However, the approach was a real success.

The 2021 organic vintage fair therefore took place online from January 25 to 27, 2021, and was accessible thanks to the connection to a dedicated platform. Each professional was thus able to praise the merits of his field through a virtual stand, which visitors could find thanks to a search engine, or simply by walking in the digital aisles of the Biological Wine Professional Salon.

Instant messaging and videoconferencing were able to allow professionals and visitors to communicate, and keep a little human warmth that we love so much in this type of salons.


During this 2021 organic vintage fair, the wine estate has proven that it was able to innovate and reinvent itself, despite a very destabilizing situation.


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