Achat de vin rosé en direct du producteur

Purchase of rosé wine live from the producer

The majority of wines consumers buy their bottles from a wine merchant, in a specialized store, or even in supermarkets. If the use of an intermediary may seem practical, and allows you to discover wines from elsewhere, Buy its Rosé de Provence wine directly from the producer has many advantages. Let's discover them.


Enjoy your Rosé de Provence wine before buying it

In practice, very few traders offer a tasting of their wines to persuade the customer to buy some bottles. However, this is what the live winegrowers, when a visitor is interested in their wine and their vineyard. And the neophytes will all agree: ideally, Buy rosé wine from Provence Must be able to go through a prior tasting phase, on site. It will be the one and only solution to be sure to really appreciate the wine you plan to buy, and not be disappointed when the bottle is opened.

But it is also and above all an opportunity to dowine tourism, and discover the terroir, the producer, and sometimes even the conditions for the manufacture and conservation of pink wines. This is a nice way to travel through France, at the Discovery of domains and castles, and winegrowers that produce rosé wine you want to buy. Many producers offer a more or less complete and formal visit to their vineyard and their cellar. You can discover the methods of making rosé wine from Provence, the places and modes of conservation, and at the end of the visit, you will have the privilege of tast a few wines, to refine your selection.

You will then have the certainty ofBuy a rosé wine Who you really like, on which you will have been perfectly informed. A privilege that you will never have completely at a distributor.


Purchase of rosé wine from a producer: lower prices

Buy rosé wine, but also red wine or white wine, directly from the producer also has a definite advantage over the price. Indeed, the fact of not calling on an intermediary logically reduced the costs. You then have the possibility of Order wine directly with the producer, and have your pink wine bottles delivered. You can also enjoy a stay or a visit to the vineyard to shop in the producer shop. It is both an opportunity to taste rosé wine, discover the places, but also to save money On all bottles and all vintages, even special cuvées.

Resellers also have every interest in Go live to buy rosé wine. Beyond the practical aspect, it is also more advantageous to remove the cost of the compulsory transaction through an intermediary. In addition, producers often make discounts for large orders.

Buying rosé wine from a producer guarantees the quality of the product

Go directly to winegrowers for Buy rosé wine presents a final, significant advantage: the assurance of a quality rosé wine. Go to the places of Rosé wine production Allows you to realize the producer's investment, to understand his commitment, his values, and his working methods. You will then precisely know the manufacturing conditions, the grape varieties, the quality of the vine, the way it is harvested, the vinification method or the conservation process used. All these criteria can be attested and explained by the winemaker, and you can even sometimes check them through a Guided tour of the property.

In addition, you will benefit from a rosé wine from Provence directly bottled on the scene, and which will therefore not have undergone the pangs of transport and conservation modifications. You are some of Enjoy a vintage at the flavors of the terroir which will have been pampered until the last second.


Domaine de Bern: your producer of rosé wine from Provence

the Viticultural domain of the Château de Berne product of Côtes de Provence rosé wines reference. You can then order directly on our online store, but we can only advise you to come and visit us on the estate.

You will then have the opportunity to enjoy a Visit the cellar and a commented tasting, before we can buy our rosé wine directly in our shop.

Our sommeliers will be happy to welcome you during a group visit or individually, every day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. in winter, and from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. in summer. For this, the Château de Berne offers several formulas:

  • The Discovery formula of 3 wines, with visit to the cellar and commented tasting of 3 wines accompanied by tapenade (individuals);
  • The Tasting Vine tasting formula, with visit to the vineyard and cellars, followed by a commented tasting of 6 wines accompanied by toast of tapenade (group of 2 to 20 people);
  • The discovery tasting formula, with a commented tasting of 6 wines (group of 11 to 100 people);
  • The VIP Visit Formula, with an exclusive discovery of the vineyard, cellars and the owner's private cellar, followed by a commented tasting of 8 wines accompanied by an assortment of cold meats and cheeses (group of 2 to 10 people).


You would like to discover the domain of Berne Castle and Buy your rosé wine directly from the producer ? Do not hesitate to book the formula of your choice, or simply to visit us in our shop.



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