5 raisons de boire du Côtes de Provence rosé en hiver

5 reasons for drinking the rosé ribs in winter

For a long time, rosé wine was only associated with summer, with beautiful days by the pool, or in the evening barbecue with friends. Today, rosé wine becomes versatile, and is drunk in any season, and for any occasion. Here are 5 good reasons to drink from the Côtes de Provence rosé in winter.

Côtes de Provence rosé in winter: a festive and friendly wine

The summer rosé wine takes its success on its festive and friendly side. We taste it with a beautiful summer evening, with friends, with family. It is precisely this festive aspect that transforms it over the years into wine of all season, because, let's face it, we do not wait for summer to party, and take advantage of the people we love.

The coast of Provence Rosé is then enjoyed in winter, with more consistent dishes, for happy events, or warm winter evenings surrounded by people who are dear to us.

Used wine as much as seasonal

Finally, before being a seasonal wine, rosé wine is above all a used wine. We select him for an aperitif with friends, a family evening, or a romantic meal. All these events are not limited to the summer season, and rosé wine is therefore invited in any season on the table of lovers of good wines.

The coast of Provence Rosé is a wine conducive to good times, friendly exchanges, and good small shared dishes, in winter, as in summer.

A wine that agrees with everything

While rosé is often synonymous with aperitif and barbecue, the complexity and variety of pink wines are such, that they allow them to agree with all dishes. Thus, Rosé de Provence wine will adapt to summer dishes, but also to winter meals. We can accompany meat or cheese with a Saint Roux guard wine, while lighter wine, like a land of Berne, will subtly marry with white meats, or seafood.

Each dish will find a rosé wine that will accompany it and sublimate it, which is not necessarily the case with red wines and white wines, which do not agree with everything.

A wide aromatic palette that adapts to all tastes

Beyond the wine/wine agreement, the Côtes de Provence Rosé has the advantage of being able to seduce many palaces. Thanks to its great diversity of aromas, colors, and intensities, rosé wine offers a multitude of varieties. Thus, everyone inevitably finds a rosé wine that pleases, adapted to their tastes. Sweet, tannic, dry, soft, or even fruity, all the nuances are available with pink wines. This diversity also makes rosé wine a wine that adapts to all occasions.

Alone or accompanied, rosé wine is drunk especially for its taste

Finally, unlike white and red wines, which come to accompany a meal or a dish, rosé wine is mainly chosen for its taste. It can then be perfectly consumed alone, and it does not necessarily need to be accompanied by a food to be appreciated. It makes him an exceptional wine, which appeals to his taste and is enough for himself.


Have you not yet dared rosé wine in winter? Let yourself be seduced by a Château de Berne Rosé At the corner of the fireplace, or with a comforting dish. Delight assured!


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