Tout savoir sur les accords mets et vins

Everything about food and wine pairings

An agreement puts and successful wine is the assurance of feasting, and to highlight all the aromas of one and the other. But it is not so easy to get there, and some associations can be risky. To help you see clearly and ensure a flawlessness, the Berne Castle gives you the Rules for successful food and wines.


Grant Met and Wine: some basic rules

For Successful an agreement and wine, it is important to find the perfect balance, so that the dish does not take over the wine, or vice versa. For the marriage of flavors and sensations to be optimal, some errors are to be avoided.

Avoid sweet wine as an aperitif

Sweet wine and soft wine are tempted as an aperitif. Their sweet taste is a real pleasure to sip with small salty and sweet delicacies. However, start a meal with a too sweet wine will inevitably weigh down your taste buds, and cut your appetite. You will then find it difficult to appreciate the dishes and the wines that will follow, as your taste buds will be saturated.

Better to reserve the sweet wines for dessert, and choose a dry and soft white wine or a Light rosé wine for the aperitif.

Start the meal with too heavy wine

As a starter, it is better to do in subtlety, and serve a light wine and balanced. It will gradually help your taste buds, and thus respect a rule of wine tasting Major: Start gently, to gain power over the meal.

For the entrance, then remember to serve a red wine bottle or light white wine and not very sweet.

Resistance dish: do not balance the intensity of the wine and the dish

Let's continue with the resistance dish, always following the same logic. Then it is necessary serve a wine Who will not take over the dish, but who will not be forgotten either. It is therefore essential to adapt the choice of the bottle according to the meal served. A complex red wine will be perfect for a high dish in flavors or red meat, while a fish will be better highlighted with a dry white wine.

The idea is always Serve a more complex wine And intense only at the entrance, without exaggerating so as not to spoil everything.

Only serve red wine with cheese

By habit, cheese is served with red wine. However, white wine does wonders at the end of a meal. A soft white wine goes perfectly with a dry or refined cheese, while a dry and fruity white wine will be perfect to accompany a fresh or creamy cheese.

The difficulty is Choose a wine to serve with a cheese tray, especially if the cheeses are very varied. In this case, it is wise to create a cheese tray from the same region, and serve a wine from the same wine region. The Regional agreements are always a safe bet!

Serve any effervescent wine with dessert

To close a meal in beauty and elegantly, the Brut or extra-breakfast champagne is traditionally chosen for accompany a dessert. This is not the most judicious choice, however, because the bubbles will saturate their mouths and prevent you from tasting the different delicate flavors of your dessert, and acidity in the mouth will be accentuated. You can then choose a light crémant or sparkling wine, or a soft wine, a half-dry white wine or a sweet white wine to accompany a very sweet dessert. Be careful choose a wine With a good acidity, to avoid looking at you with a too heavy wine.


Some suggestions for food and wines

Do you have trouble deciding? Before going to your wine merchant, take a look at the menu you have planned, and choose your bottles according to the dishes.

  • With some sea ​​products : a white wine or effervescent rosé wine, a bright white wine. For a nice contrast, choose a light red wine and not very acidic;
  • As a starter: a effervescent wine, a full -bodied white wine, a rosé wine or a very light red wine;
  • With a fish : a full -bodied white wine, a rosé or a light red. For more contrast, opt for a soft wine;
  • With a White meat : a light or creamy red wine, a full -bodied white wine or a rosé wine;
  • With a Red meat : a light, tannic or creamy red wine;
  • With some game : a white structured for a feathered game, and a tannic red wine for a naked game;
  • With some spicy dishes or exotic: a rosé wine or a dry white wine;
  • In dessert : a dry effervescent wine, a fruity rosé, a natural mild wine or a sweet wine.


Good to know

One last rule can help you choose your wine. It concerns the different wine flavors or a dish:

  • the bold Sleaks up the taste buds, and can be rebalanced with a little acidity;
  • the sugar Saturate sensory receptors, it can be balanced with a light and fresh wine;
  • L'acidity Quickly takes over, it is therefore difficult to marry a dish;
  • L'bitterness mitigates sugar or fat, but is not always unanimous;
  • L'iodine Rightly gets married with wine. To achieve this, wine will have to be acidic.


You wish offer wine For a meal, or are you going to receive guests? You now know How to tune your dishes and wines. Meet at Berne Castle To find a Provence wine that will enhance your menu.




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