Quels accords à table avec du vin rosé ?

What table agreements with rosé wine?

Contrary to popular belief, rosé is not a simple summer wine without subtlety. If it does not select according to a vintage or a name, like white or red wines, it must be chosen for its style. This will determine the dishes that rosé can accompany to reveal all the flavors. Discover the food and rosé wine agreements to dare all year round.


Rosé wine agreements as an aperitif

Refreshing and fruity, rosé is a guest of choice during an aperitif. Thus, delicate rosés, like most ribs of Provence pink, will marry perfectly with Mediterranean flavors, such as tapenade, fish rillettes or shrimp, but also with fresh goat cheese. A dry rosé wine will be perfect to accompany these gourmet recipes, and will give character as an aperitif.


The chords of rosé wine as a starter

An entrance is not necessarily accompanied by a white wine. The rosé wine can invite itself to your table and drink with fresh and full of colors. It will thus be perfectly suited during a tomato salad tasting, or a salad made up of southern products, but also with a hot entrance, such as a fish soup or a tortilla.

Dry rosés are particularly recommended to accompany a dish of the sea, such as prawns, cod or seafood.


Rosé wine chords in the main dish

For the main dish, the choice of rosé wine will depend on the dishes offered. Spicy or exotic dishes, such as couscous, will perfectly marry with a light rosé, with a clear dress.

For a dish in sauce, or a southern kitchen, more powerful pink wines will be preferable. Ideal for a barbecue, rosé like Tavel or Bandol, will also accompany grilled meats and fish, ratatouille, lasagna, or even pizza.

Your barbecues and summer evenings will also be able to celebrate with a rosé of "bleeding", which will have enough power to accompany grills and fish, salads, spicy dishes and Provencal cuisine in general.


Rosé wine agreements for dessert

Before going immediately to the dessert, let's dwell on the cheese. You can amaze your guests by offering a rosé wine, which will replace the traditional red wine. It will perfectly accompany soft cheeses or goat or sheep cheeses. For powerful cheeses, like Roquefort, a wine such as pink gigondas, will reveal all the character.

Finally for dessert, nothing better than a rosé wine to taste a fruity dessert. In sorbet, cream, or even in cake, the fruit goes perfectly with rosé wine.

For more chic and originality, rosé champagne is essential for dessert with refinement and taste.


Who said rosé was served exclusively as an aperitif? With the Château de Berne, discover the different rosy wines who can accompany you throughout a meal. To consume in moderation, of course ...

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